Dark Sun: The Tyrant of Tyr

Session 6

Haze 23 – a long night in Tyr

The Night sky, calm and sparkling as always, lights up with the reflection of Ral and Guthay shining down upon the warriors, but they notice its beauty only briefly, locked in debate as to their next course of action. The city is near deserted as the residents cower and hide away from the watchful eyes and minds of the Templars as the crodlu patrols stalk the streets, always looking and forever vigilant… For our own safety and the safety of Tyr, of course!

We were due to meet the Man with the Emerald Eyes from House Vordon in Sculptors Square at 10, but even as that time rapidly approached Solzak insisted that we took care of his Aarakocra first. Quickly and begrudgingly we stashed them at the Golden Inix, where he paid for a more ‘secretive’ room (no compensation for those of us who had to carry them however) and set off for the meeting. Naraaku scouted ahead and stayed hidden in case of an ambush and our route took us pass the oppressive monstrosity of a Ziggurat. Just looking at that structure gives us all a sense of dread and more than a mere ounce of suspicion. Wary as we could be we stepped into the square and saw the mysterious House Vorden agent waiting for us. He proposed we help them tackle the increasing aggressive House Stel and that our allies at M’Ke were no more, the House having surrendered when confronted by the prospect of a Stel assault. He had not seen Helandrez or his somewhat dishevelled servant which of course, means that we can kiss our payment goodbye, at least for now. After a negotiation we agreed to help him discover more information about House Stel’s operations in Tyr (in exchange for 100gp, 50 up front, each), beginning with their last ‘acquisition’ before the M’ke warehouse, a small compound belonging to House Ianto, who have since left Tyr entirely.

We returned to the Golden Inix via a circuitous route in case of tails and spotted smoke from the edge of the Noble district. We approached cautiously and saw soldiers; templar’s and slaves trying to put out a blaze affecting Narissas shop? Fire is not something that any resident of Ahas relishes, especially as they are extremely difficult to put out. Abdiel spied three of Kalak’s necromancers watching the building, staring intently into the flaming structure, as if looking for something through the blaze. Solzak questioned a slave and was told the fire started hours ago with the necromancers arriving sometime later. A feeling of dread and chilling cold crept over us as we watched them when all of a sudden they turned and pointed at us. Guards, responding to their commands, mounted crodlu and charged towards our section of the crowd. Solzak and Naraaku turned and ran off disappearing into the crowd, with Redgar and Chuck not far behind and the mounted guards leaped over the Elven river to questioned Abdiel and myself but we bluffed our way through (I am getting tired of having to always play his “slave”). I later discovered that the voice of a young girl conveyed by telepathy told Solzak to run (that or his cowardly elven blood, no doubt).

We meet again at the Golden Inix finding Solzak and Naraaku already there with the injured birds and considered our options for action. Earlier we had spotted the caravan master Innex drunk at one of the tables with his buddy Berin, but seeing him now, free and apparently untouched, decided that there was little to be learned from him, and his links to the Cult of Silt made him untrustworthy. Instead we agreed that the only reasonable course was to investigate the newly acquired Stel warehouse near the Ziggurat, and headed there in two groups to arouse less suspicion in case the guards were still looking for us. Our group headed down Caravan way and passed several guard groups but due to Abdiels Templar status we were able to walk casually by, a trend that is becoming increasingly useful.

The warehouse was a secure, two-storey, and flat-roofed fortified building and all the second storey windows were boarded up, giving the appearance that the warehouse had been abandoned. Seeing no other way to get in un-noticed Naraaku climbed a building opposite, and incredibly ran across the cloth awning onto the roof of the warehouse (the elf is more suspicious than I thought….merchant my sandy ass). Chuck followed and they threw us a rope so that we could climb onto the roof. Abdiel was then taken with something I can only describe as a kind of madness, at one moment claiming that the trapdoor entrance was covered in warning Arcane runes and then the next admitting it was a mistake. Thankfully it was not the opposite and we entered through the trapdoor with a surprising ease. A search of the upper floor revealed little of interest apart from two doors protected by magical alarms (this time it was no illusion). Using his distance hearing Redgar swore he heard a muffled crying below, but before we were able to descend to the ground floor, four hooded figures entered by the main doors, dragging a crying and struggling Shalaya. They continued and dragged her through a set of doors below us.

Listening further we heard guards talking below suggesting that others were coming, and of a slight discontent within the group as to the reason for their ‘arrangement’. We determined to lure the hooded men into an ambush. While half of us stood ready by the stairs, Naraaku and Solzak snuck down to the entrance hall and rang the front bell, at which several men emerged from a large door toward the back of the warehouse. The first appeared to spot our party and attempted to fire, but was quickly skewered by arrows from Naraaku. Abdiel, in commanding tone called on them to surrender, the authority in his voice caused one to waver, and Naraaku pinned him to the door alive so that we could question him later (elves are cruel even in mercy). Chuck and I charged the rest, and with sword, magic, and arrows our group pushed them back into the room beyond. But as we slew the last of our opponents, a chill blast hit us from the basement below, the vile magic of a defiler!


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