Dark Sun: The Tyrant of Tyr

Session 7

Excerpts from the journal of Eben the Kingmaker

…The next few minutes seemed to stretch into hours. All I remember is that instinct took over and I gripped my axe with both hands and cried out to the primal spirits to give me strength, for what we faced was not of this world but from the land of trapped souls, the grey! The dust that issued forth from the basement of the warehouse seemed to be possessed by screaming souls, chattering and clawing up the walls until I saw not an illusion but the forms of skeletal warriors surrounding us. Not only that, but then the dead rose! The very guards we had just slain stirred and awkwardly jerked back to life, not in the same way as the previous zombies we had faced, but fresh undead, groping and clawing for our warm flesh! The trapped slaves screamed to be saved, but my focus was on our foes as we battled to send the abominations back whence they came! With blade and magic we prevailed, but not without our fair share of injuries. Wave upon wave of skeletons rush forth from the basement, and myself and chuck are stalwart in our defence, cutting them down almost as soon as they arrive. During the battle one of the zombies managed to get inside the slave pen and clawed his way through several of the poor wretches, a pity, but the majority were saved, not that they were going to be useful to us, what were we going to do with a couple dozen slaves? As quickly as the battle began it was over, and for the moment the stairs to the basement are silent. We contemplate investigating the foulness that must be down there, but in wise counsel from the templar we decide to retreat the way we came for only a master sorcerer could create such foulness on a whim…

Shalaya was rescued by our ‘hero’ Solzak, who seems to have a knack lately for getting all the girls, not that I’m jealous as she seems to be more of a liability at the moment than an asset. She insists on ensuring the slaves slip away into the night to safety and gives them directions to veil ‘safe-houses’. I’m sure I saw abdiel taking a keen ear in the conversation as again we are reminded that the eye of Kalak is never too far away… We must remain cautious.

Naraaku scouted our route back to the roof, and mentioned hearing the guttural call of a wounded humanoid, a ‘Dray’ to be precise. Something I know little of, but they are rumoured to be the descendants of a race created bythe dragon himself?! How much of this is to be believed is of course up to how much stock you take in children’s stories, but for now the presence of one of their kind in Tyr is intriguing. We reason that this could well be the Ivory skinned warrior we saw silently watching Innex in the Inn, but for what purpose we have yet to discover.

Quickly we scaled the roof awnings and rapelled down to the floor, where we met Shalaya and the slaves, now armed and then we parted company as Shalaya returned with us and the slaves headed out to the warrens. If they made it or not we will never know, but it is not for us to care. Cautiously we proceeded back to the Golden Inix, where we intended to rest for the night and meet with house Vordon on the morrow. Whilst walking up the caravan way we spotted some city guards carrying a body from a nearby alley. Abdiel called them forth to answer questions and it seems they had discovered the body of Berrin – Innexes drinking buddy?! His wounds were deep slashes, skillful cuts that no ordinary bandit would have made. There does not seem to be any sign of innex and this gets us thinking that the cult could be eliminating ‘the evidence’ so to speak. Back at the inn all is quiet and we retire, but not without ensuring that our doors are locked and secure…


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