Large-framed and slightly overweight, often appears in disguise


Appearance: Large-framed and slightly overweight, Brevin keeps his hair cut short so that he can he wear wigs to disguise himself during his travels. His disguises are many and varied, but when he is among allies, he wears a simple tunic and leggings.

Roleplaying: An opportunistic orator, his frequent speeches about how the wealthy have oppressed the citizens of Tyr call for violence and blood.

Personality: he is completely obsessed with his cause and stubbornly believes his own way is the best.

Motivation: Brevin wants to destroy the upper class: Templars, merchants, nobles, artisans, and anyone he does not regard as being one of his own. If he can destroy King Kalak in the process, all the better! His preferred class of people are ex-slaves, but earning his favor often seems an arbitrary matter.



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