Albino Dray wearing jet black Kank carapace armour


Dray (Dragonborn)
Level 5


Drax is part of an ancient Dray (Dragonborn) clan called the fireborn, formed after the Dragon of Athas destroyed the sorcerer who wore the Crown of Ul-Athra in a mighty blast of dragonfire (hence the name). They were sworn to keep watch over the parts of the crown and ensure that they would never be reunited. The power needed to destroy the crown was lost long ago however, and they were forced to keep watch and ensure the parts were never found and reunited. The numbers of their clan dwindled as younger members rebelled against the elders and fought against their task, believing it to be futile. As a result the clan is now down to its last 12 members, scattered like the parts to the corners of Athas. Drax has taken it upon himself to find the other members of his clan and to find a way to destroy the Silt crown.


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