Flamboyant ex-adventurer and owner of Athas Revealed


“The golden claw of Shier-al-Khar? Of course I know of it—and its guardians. For a price, it can be yours.”

Fabrizio is always smiling, even while he talks. He often scratches his chin while he considers a deal.

Personality: He is a shifty foppish dandy, always on the lookout for the next caper. He views the world as his personal cabinet of curiosities, and loves nothing more than the challenge of collecting them.

Motivation: Fabrizio is motivated by curiosity, the rush of acquiring something that should have been impossible to steal, and a fascination with antiques and oddities


Fabrizio is a procurer of antiquities, curiosities, and treasures—not a thief, but the man who pays thieves to bring back what his customers are looking for. If you make it worth his while, he’ll procure anything, but his specialty is strange and unusual artefacts (magical or otherwise). The greater the challenge, the more his interest is piqued. His peculiar gift lies in ferreting out the location of things that others want, and in connecting buyers with suppliers. Those suppliers are often adventurers. He finds it quaint that people think they can protect their treasures; few can keep them safe from him.


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