Covered from head to toe in patchwork clothing and animal skins. His bony arms and hands clutch to a crooked staff that jangles and clatters as he walks. His face is shrouded by a mess of tangled hair interspersed with small pieces of bone, feathers, long cactus needles and a chalky paint. What you can see of his face is covered in a chalky paint, cracked and dry and looks like it has been hard baked on by the sun.


He once lived with the Lostpears in the Crescent forest, but was cast out after a mistakenly felling a huge crop of trees whilst defending their home from attack, they thought his methods too brash and aggressive for such a small tribe. Since then he has lived as a hermit in these mountains, often wistfully looking towards the forest and hoping that maybe one day he could return to his rightful home. In the meantime he has his friend Doomvar to keep him company.


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