A gorgeous half-elven ex-gladiator


Beautiful and provocative, Krysta wields her sensuality as deftly as any blade. Her staff consists largely of half-breeds like herself— half-elven dealers, half-giant guards and bouncers, and mul cooks. Krysta knows the alienation extended to those of mixed blood on Athas. She pays well and her employees are both fanatically loyal and highly competent, able to spot all forms of cheating including psionics and magic.


Once a Gladiator who fought alongside such greats as Rikus and Neeva. She was always on the fringe of the circuit but was a clever fighter, always picking the best odds until one day she amassed enough wealth to buy her freedom and was allowed to get away with it too (a rare thing). Some whisper it was all staged and she had been freed by the Templars for some other means, but this was never proven.


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