Muuton Sky Singer

Live for the now, for lost nows are gone forever and tomorrow will be worse than today.


Muuton oversees a ‘loose’ tribal court of Elves in the Tyr Elven market, where the leaders gather and make deals and pacts, limited truces that allow them an equal(ish) share in the profit potential of the region. While in his court, Muuton treats all Elves as equals and they are extended the same rights and privileges of the tribe, but cross him, and the ultimate sentence is to be branded an outcast and thus be removed from the ‘protection’ of the tribe.

Muuton and Adventurers
Elven adventurers consider it an honour to work for their tribal leader, and non-elf adventurers consider it something of a double edged sword. Being a friend of the Elves has its advantages (access to the black market and the items reserved for Elves only) but also the disadvantages of the fickle nature of the Elves. Elf adventurers may find themselves guided by the Tribal leader’s dream sendings and visions to join the perilous adventures of other elves who need their help.

Templars and city guards are always on the lookout for any minor infractions, for they are trained to expect elves to be guilty of a crime at some point during their stay. Templars will use any excuse to capture or chase elves out of the cities. Even lowly citizens can cause trouble for elves. They may seek out elves when they need to purchase a banned or rare good, but otherwise they adhere to the prejudices that have hampered elves throughout the ages. If something is missing, they reason, elves must have stolen it. If something fails to do what was promised, they further argue, it is because elves are untrustworthy. Of course, if elves are in the area, the fault usually can be traced to them, but that does not excuse the times they are blamed purely because of their race.


Muuton recently took the seat of tribal leader after arriving to “relieve” the previous leader as Muuton was impatient with the lack of progress in discovering the murderers of the Sky Singers market in Nibernay. Muuton is obsessed with puzzles, and is constantly searching for answers to existing puzzles or creating new ones. It is said the way to win Muuton’s trust is to challenge and defeat him in mental games.

Muuton Sky Singer

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