Elven trader/raider


Elf Ranger (Beastmaster)


Tall and lean, with numerous tribal tattoos and piercings; to anyone who knows anything about Elves, anything but a trader, Naraaku normally shaves the sides of his head to show-off the stylised crescent moon tattoos of his clan, but has recently allowed his hair to grow over the tattoos to hide his affiliation.

Naraaku is normally clad in clothing of tight carru leather and well-made hide armour, and armed with a large bone bow, a long spear, and numerous knives. He is never seen without his hyena accomplice, Krugga.

Naraaku is arrogant and aloof, seeing anyone not of his tribe (or to some extent the Clearwater) as an enemy or a liability. When forced to speak Common, he liberally mixes it with insults in Elven, particularly when it would not be understood


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