Half Elf - Preserver (Veiled Alliance)


Narissa (Perfume Merchant in Tyr)

Half Elf
Lvl 4 Wizard (Preserver)
Veiled Alliance


Narissa, a beautiful half elf preserver, is the proprietor of ‘Narissa’s Colours and Scents’ – a perfume and fragrance store located in the Nobel District of Tyr.

She was born around twenty years ago and is thought to be the result of an illegitimate union between a high-ranking Templar in Kalak’s regime and an unwilling elven house slave. She was born in secret; as such a union would have proved embarrassing to her father, and resulted in the execution of her mother. She was instead raised by her grandparents in the Warrens and would clandestinely met with her mother whilst growing up.

Eventually Narissa’s father, a master defiler and key enforcer of Kalak’s rule, murdered her mother on a cruel whim along with a number of other poor and wretched slaves. Upon learning of her mother’s fate, a heartbroken Narissa turned to the Veiled Alliance with a ruthless determination to exact vengeance on defilers, templars, Kalak and most of all, her father.

The Veiled Alliance harnessed Narissa’s basic preserving abilities and helped establish her shop in the Nobal District. In time, ‘Narissa’s Colour’s and Scents’ became a successful front for the Veiled Alliance and supplied pro-alliance assassins with the poisons needed to eliminate their enemies in Kalak’s regime.

However, a mysterious fire recently sweep through the store and Narissa herself has disappeared. Some in the Veiled Alliance believe she has been murdered or worst still is now a prisoner of Kalak’s necromancers…


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