Male Half-Elf slimy ex-thief of Toothcutters


Dressed in black, but visibly displaying some wealth from several gold chains and jewels that adorn his personage. Rowan has recently ‘come-into’ alot of money. He has been a regular at the Golden Inix for years, and now fancies himself as a pub landlord. When you met him, he was drunk and trying to persuade Mila Risani to sell him the Inix. She adamantly rebuffs his advances.


power hungry but cowardly. Each week (and sometimes more often) he will come in to the Inix and spend a great deal of money with the locals, which makes him incredibly popular (if only for a night) and then when suitably drunk will try to persuade Mila to sell. After which usually she has him thrown out. With the current situation in Tyr however it may only be a short time before she just takes the money.


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