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  • Golden Inix

    Midway along Caravan Way where the road bends, a narrow alley opens on the left. Next to it, a long brick building, nearly as narrow as the alley, beckons weary travelers with the aroma of frying [[inix]] and sweet broy (fermented [[kank]] nectar). A …

  • Mila Risani

    A serious, inquisitive person, Mila performs her role as hostess with competence and grace. She will converse with patrons for information on the other citystates, so long as it doesn't interfere with her business duties. Her temperament quickly turns …

  • Jaryx

    Jaryx is easy-going for a half-giant. He's just as happy taking out the kitchen trash as he is crushing a troublesome customer's head with his morning star. "It's just a job," he'll answer nonchalantly if asked.

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