Caravan District

The Caravan District extends from the Caravan Gate to the Merchants’ District along Caravan Way. The shops here sell goods targeted at visitors and travelers. The raspy-voiced vendors yell to passersby to examine their ¨fine¨ wares. Practically any mundane item can be found in this district, although prices are generally higher here than in the rest of the city

The Caravan Gate
Trading caravans enter the city of Tyr through this ancient portal. Loading and unloading is done in an area of hard-packed dirt to the right of the gate. Other merchants wait on the opposite side of the road to load or unload. The enormous gate may accommodate fully loaded wagons or carts (smaller than argosies) that generally pass directly into the city before unloading at a trading emporium or one of the city’s markets. The massive gate consists of two large doors, each 10 feet high and nearly as wide. Constructed of rough cut agafari timbers, banded together with weathered mekillot hide and rusted studs and hinges of iron, the gates open onto a tunnel that passes through the city wall. Just inside the wall to the left of the road rests a monstrous block of stone. In times of war, the gate is barred and a templar or defiler levitates the stone using arcane magics while half-giant guards pull it into position to seal the tunnel. There it remains until the war ends.

The gate is always manned by a low ranking templar and a few half giant warriors. The templar records the names of merchants and foreigners entering the city, asks their reasons for visiting Tyr, and collects a tariff that varies depending on the size of the caravan.

Caravan Way
Caravan Way is the main thoroughfare through the trade districts. The broad avenue grants mounted riders the room necessary to maneuver through scattered clusters of pedestrians and street vendors hawking their wares. Caravan Way meanders through the main tradesmen’s district into the merchants’ district where it circles Iron Square.

The shops bordering Caravan Way cater to merchants and visitors to Tyr. They possess the widest variety of merchandise available in the city One shop may offer leather goods-waterskins, harnesses, cargo covers and such, while another displays suits of chitin armor and barding, and so on.

Businesses along Caravan way include:

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Caravan District

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