Elven Market

Shadow square

Tyr’s Elven Market is located in the Warrens between the Elven Bridge and Shadow Square. Its inner-city location allows Tyrians easy access to the market. Several of Athas’ nomadic elven tribes trade here, bringing exotic goods and curiosities from across the region. Each tribe owns one or two of the gray-brown brick buildings that border the market area. The buildings typically have a broad door and a large window with counter from which the elven merchants hawk their wares. Anything (legal or not) can be found in the Elven Market if the customer can afford it and knows the right questions to ask of the right people. Nobles often have servants accompany them to watch for cutpurses, for the Elven Market is rife with thieves and con-artists. Others clutch their purses tightly, having a care not to display unnecessary wealth. In spite of its predatory nature and the dubious quality of its products, the Elven Market draws throngs of people from all over the city because, quite simply, one can acquire items here that seldom can be found anywhere else in Tyr.

Although the market’s sellers and inventory change with the passing of each desert wind, a sampling of goods and vendors include:

Giant-hair ropes, fleece, and feathers from the silt islands are sold by Arelia Gryon of the Nightwinds tribe. Her sister, Tala, sells fine weavings depicting many beautiful scenes of the desert. These she makes herself in the shop.

Fruits, vegetables, and wines from the Crescent Forest and Forest Ridge can be had from the vendor Shiral. The fruits and vegetables (having been preserved magically) are quite fresh, the wines exotic and flavorful. The prices are high, but for those with discriminating palates and extravagant tastes, Shiral’s is the place to go. This outgoing, melodious-voiced elf can provide magical fruits for trusted clients. From 1 to 4 will be available at any time. He is also a good source for spell components.

Weaponry and armor suppliers Wik (also known as Stormbird to the elves) and his assistants Chirl (Darkhand) and Mayz (Whisperblade) generally have a fair selection of previously owned equipment. These three unscrupulous elves sell weapons looted from caravans raided by their own tribe or others. They ask standard rates for their items, except metal items which receive a large markup, but a shrewd bargainer can talk them down. All sales are final and there are no guarantees or returns. The armsmen will buy weapons, but only at half the retail rate and that only if the items are in very good condition.

Household pets like critic, hurrum, lizards, ock’n, and other small animals can be found in the building of Vinia Skon. In addition, she sells furs and leathers from larger animals, although her inventory in these goods is somewhat limited. Mounts also can be acquired from Vinia at 20% off market rates, but take 1 to 4 weeks to get in and must be picked up outside of town. Occasionally, an identifying mark from one or another merchant family will be found on a mount, but Vinia always denies any wrongdoing, claiming the animal must have been a stray or that the scar is nothing more than a birthmark that just happens to resemble one of the merchants’ runes.

The Hall of Light provides lighting materials and fixtures to suit anyone’s needs. Candles, torches, lanterns, and magically illuminated wands and glass orbs can be purchased within. Lamps can be made to order. Special effects lighting, such as smokeless torches, scented candles, or oils that burn in pastel hues of pink, blue, or green are also available albeit more expensively so.

Many other goods and services are available in the Elven Market: Tattoos, artwork, leather goods, brass and bronze work, fortune tellers, minstrels, and more. The faces constantly change as tribes pass through Tyr, replenishing their inventory and leaving other members behind to work the shops for a month or two for the elves are a restless people, never content to remain in one place for any more than a short time. The market reflects their transient nature and feral charm, each visit is different from the last.

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Elven Market

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