Kalidnay was once a great power in the Tyr Region. That changed centuries ago when a force unknown to the other sorcerer-kings abruptly destroyed the city-state, leaving its citizens slain and its sorcererking, Kalid-Ma, missing. To outside observers, one day Kalidnay was a vibrant city; the next, it was an empty shell bereft of life. Kalid-Ma ruled his city and its domains with iron authority, as other sorcerer-kings do. His greatest lieutenant was the templar Thakok-An, who was a fearsome master of the Way and a ruthless arcanist. During the days of Kalid-Ma’s rule, Kalidnay was among the wealthiest of the city-states, and Kalid-Ma was a formidable defiler who inspired dread in his rivals.

The city originally sat on a dry plain, but now rests on an island in a sea of silt. The sky has darkened, but the heat is as oppressive as ever. Thick haze blocks sight out to any significant distance beyond the siltlined shores.

The People
Since Kalidnay fell into the Gray, several generations of citizens have been born within the plane’s strange environment. The Gray can change natural creatures in such time. Most of these people are shadowborn, trading the natural origin for the shadow origin.

Shadar-kai are humanlike, but the weight of existence in the Shadowfell has shaped them to be slightly shorter and much thinner than their human counterparts. A shadar-kai has a colorless complexion that varies from alabaster to dark gray. Shadar-kai hair is similarly drab or raven black. Pale hair might have a hint of color within the range of human norms. The eyes are lustrous and black, lacking any white or clear pupil. Shadows near a shadar-kai sometimes seem to reach out or deepen, especially when the shadar-kai is angry. Although drab in natural appearance, shadar-kai are quite elaborate and idiosyncratic in personal adornment. They like dark and exotic clothing, jewelry, and weapons, often decorated with swatches of bright color. Hair is similarly ornate and often dyed. All shadar-kai embellish their skin with tattoos, scars, and piercings.


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