King's Gardens

The King’s Gardens include three lushly wooded and overgrown plots of land. Walking amid these green canopies is like stepping into the fertile past of Athas. Lavish amounts of water from
the Golden City’s wells and a small army of attentive gardeners keep these areas alive with growth despite the killing climate; Kalak ordered this done so that he would have a ready source of life for his defiling magic.

The King’s Gardens consist of three lush, wooded sections of land. One garden lies on each side of the High Bureaus. The third encircles the Golden Tower like a small park, the rows of trees and bushes maintained in precise circles about the tower.

Access to the gardens can be gained through doors in the barbican tower adjoining the central garden or through heavily locked and trapped doors on the interior walls of the complex adjacent to the perimeter gardens. Only the garden templars, Senior Templar Tithian, and the King possess keys to the doors. Anyone else caught in the gardens without express permission of one of the parties above faces a sentence working on the ziggurat or worse…

Rumors persist that someone has planted one or more magical fruit trees in the gardens but none who have tried to find them have failed or been killed in the process.

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King's Gardens

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