House M’Ke’s presence in Tyr is relatively small. Due to political unrest in Raam (their city of origin) they have cut back on most of their staff and business here. House M’ke fights to protect its trade routes and outposts from attacks and runs of “bad luck” orchestrated by House Tsalaxa or House Stel.

Trade Goods: nuts, spices, and glassware.

Emblem: a silver quill pen.

General Information
House M’ke’s trade practices are extremely flexible and unpredictable, varying with each situation. Powerful rivals are treated with re­spect and even friendship, while weaker houses are treated with contempt. M’ke’s mercenaries have few qualms about raiding the caravans of small houses or even assaulting their headquarters or warehouses in major cities. Perhaps the best way for a small house to deal with M’ke is to put up a bold front, for M’ke will pounce at the slightest sign of weakness.

Actual trading is done fairly, if rather ruthlessly. M’ke’s agents have a reputation for squeezing the last ceramic piece out of customers, but they always deliver what they promise. Favored customers and representatives from other houses are treated with the utmost respect. Woe unto the rival, however, who underestimates or shows weakness to M’ke’s masters.

House M’ke’s agents are masters of negotiation, intrigue, and diplomacy. Rogues and psionicists are often employed here; they may rise high in the orga­nization with continued success. Unfortunately, the mortality rate among M’ke employees, who are ex­pected to die rather than betray or compromise their masters, is quite high.

House M’Ke’s outposts have come under attack more and more of late as raiders and rival houses strike to take advantage of M’ke’s weakness. Unlike Shom, which seems oblivious to its demise, M’ke is desperately fighting to survive this period of turmoil. Whether it will or not remains to be seen…


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