Night Runners

Night runners

The Night Runners

The elves of the Night Runners tribe operate in the shadows of Athas, passing from dark corner to dark corner like whispers in the night. Like the Shadows (a tribe so secretive most dismiss them as rumor), the Night Runners tribe is intended to be a mysterious group of elves who exist to most of the people of the Tyr region as nothing more than a legend told around a dying campfire. This secretive group of elves is not as old or as numerous as the elves of the Shadows tribe, but it is making a name for itself among those who require experts of the “shadow arts.”
The Night Runners specialize in activities that most consider covert, if not totally illegal. Espionage, theft, kidnapping, smuggling, assassination, and extortion are just some of the areas these elves work in. Those who can afford their prices can hire these elves who, like their competitors the Shadows, have turned smuggling, contraband trade, and other illegal activities into art forms.

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Night Runners

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