Psionics is a part of everyday life in Tyr, as on all Athas. Most of Tyr’s population possesses “wild talents,” natural psionic abilities developed without formal study of psionics. Others specialize in the use of psionics, advancing their studies and gaining new, more powerful abilities as they progress. The School of Thought provides instruction in the use of psionic powers for students or PCs.

The School of Thought

The noble Chessia, herself an accomplished psionicist, maintains a psionics school where citizens may learn to use their latent psionic abilities or may follow the path of the psionicist. Fees charged for instruction are significant, and it is because of this sizeable investment that nobles and rich merchants most often are the ones to send their children and trusted employees here to develop their abilities. After all, psionics represent a valuable tool for professional or political advancement, not to mention survival. Occasionally, an impoverished student may be sponsored by the templars or another of the city’s factions in return for a pledge of service later. Most students are there to awaken their wild talents and learn to use them. Some remain until perhaps the third or fourth level of achievement before leaving to make their fortunes. A very few stay on, or return for additional training later in life, to attain true mastery of the science of the mind.

Another organization of psionicists maintains a presence in Tyr, although this group’s purposes and dealings are known to few outside their small circle. The group is called The Order.


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