Shadow Square

Just inside the Warrens from the Ziggurat sits Shadow Square, a small entertainment district at the junction of five lanes. Six wine shops, a gambling house, and two hostelries surround the plaza. The square’s busiest hours usually occur between sunset and the predawn hours, although a steady trickle of customers can be found here at almost any time of day.

The wineshops include:

The Red Kank, a wineshop of moderately goodquality and reasonable prices, this two-story structure features a terrace on the upper floor where customersmay enjoy their food and drink while watching the comings and goings in the square below.

The Happy Dwarf serves the widest variety of ales in the city including its own brand, ¨Cactus Blue¨, a potent draft which is brewed from the tough grall cactus that grows in the badlands west of Tyr.

The Rats’ Nest is the dive of choice among the cities less discriminating drinkers. It.s got the cheapest ale and wine in town, and it tastes like it. Rumor has it that the Rats. Nest serves as a fencing operation for stolen goods as well.

The Weeping Widow caters to gladiators and fighting men. Several stuffed or dried trophies from old arena kills are prominently displayed on its walls, and stories of their taking are often bantered over a mug of ale.

Midnight Sands has more atmosphere than the others, attempting to lure the important merchant trade and other visitors to the city. It boasts large cushioned booths with sheer silken curtains fluttering in the breeze, scented oil lamps, and winsome serving girls. Its lavish approach does seem to encourage business, but its prices are nearly twice those of other wine shops in the square.

The Drunken Giant rounds out the list. Lacking the pretensions of some of its competitors, this fine tavern serves good food and drink at affordable prices. The owner of the Drunken Giant is rumored to be friendly with the Veiled Alliance. Characters seeking out the preservers may hear that a secret entrance to the undercity exists somewhere in ¨the belly of the giant¨ and that the Veiled Ones can be contacted there.

In addition to the wine-shops, there are some other notable establishments in the square:

Fortune Oasis
The Screaming Cellar
The Crystal Spider

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Shadow Square

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