Silt Stalkers

Silt stalkers

The Silt Stalkers

One of the true terrors of the eastern portion of the Tyr region is the ferocious elf tribe called the Silt Stalkers. This raiding tribe attacks outsiders for the sheer pleasure; plunder and loot are simply added bonuses. These fearsome elves move purposely across the area, often passing unseen until their terrible shriek signal the start of an attack.
Very little is outside the attention of the Silt Stalkers. Small villages, merchant-house outposts, caravans – all appear as tempting targets to the raiding elves. Like the Black Sand Raiders in the west, simply whispering the name of the Silt Stalkers tribe in the east causes even the strongest, most-seasoned caravan guards to pale. Few want to tangle with these crazed killers, for unlike other elf tribes the Silt Stalkers crave the blood of their victims as well as their spoils.
All the major caravan trails disappeared from the eastern region long ago, but the Silt Stalkers have little trouble finding plunder. Many of their targets consist of tribes of gith or belgoi. The elves also stalk caravans bound for slave villages or the scattering of forts and outposts that still populate the land on the edge of the Sea of Silt.

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Silt Stalkers

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