Templar's District

Large warehouses stand at the far end of the quarters. These buildings house the city’s precious reserves of grain, iron, and weaponry, and two barracks for the templars’ half-giant guards. Transportation of these commodities to the warehouses is achieved by using cunningly crafted tunnels that extend from the High Bureaus of Mines and Fields. The warehouses and the tunnels leading to them are permanently guarded through magic and psionics.

With few exceptions, the templars’ apartments are used primarily by low- and median-level templars. Higher ranking officials commonly live in the noble quarters or on their own plantations outside of the city. The highest-ranking templars and their families live in a special section of the Golden City. Size and furnishings of the templars’ quarters vary by individual. Those in positions of relative power and wealth have luxurious accommodations while junior templars must be content with more spartan quarters.

Other places of Interest in the Templar Distric:

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Templar's District

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