The Will and the Way

The Will

This is the Athasian term for innate psionic ability, as well as an individuals reserve of mental strength. Using psionics is strenuous. Even a powerful psionicist becomes exhausted and must rest to recover his mental strength. As he expends his power points, the Will diminishes until the energy runs out and the powers refuse to form. A wild talent has the Will, but rarely the desire to push himself to master his internal his internal forces to truly use the Way.

The Way

The study of psionics and the refinement of psionic ability is called the Way. While the Will makes the use of psionic powers possible, only the Way allows a hero to become a psionicist. The study of the Way is difficult and demanding. Not every being with the Will can learn the Way; conversely, every student of the Way must possess a strong Will

The study of the Way is very similar to the study of magic, as both seek to unlock power. Unlike magic, students must develop their own way of harnessing psionic powers.

Wild talents discover the Will within themselves, as do psionicists, but psionicists need teachers to guide them through the Way. Every city in the Tyr Region has schools devoted to the Way, and teachers can also be found wandering in the wilderness, ready to share their wisdom with worthy students.

The Will and the Way

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