Once one of the most feared and respected of Athas’s great houses, House Vordon has become something of a laughing stock. In recent years, as Tyr’s vast resources have been slowly diverted to constructing Kalak’s ziggurat, House Vordon’s fortunes have declined. Trade goods were sold to obtain cash for materials, slaves were requisitioned and set to work on the monument, and the entire city has suffered. Now, Vordon has become an object of deri­sion and ridicule by other houses, who chortle at Kalak’s senility and Vordon’s troubles.

Trade Goods: Iron, weapons, artwork, textiles, and slaves.

Emblem: Black diamond (repre­senting iron) on a red/brown field (representing the mountains surrounding Tyr).

House Vordon specializes in the export of iron from Tyr. This rare and vital ele­ment is in demand throughout the Tyr region. As iron’s primary supplier, Vordon can virtually set its own price. It is the iron trade, in fact, that keeps Vor­don solvent as Tyr’s economy teeters on the brink of collapse.

Other export items include slaves, artwork, and textiles, but the shortage of labor as Kalak diverts more and more resources into the construction of his ziggurat virtually eliminates these as trade goods. Financially strapped and on the verge of starvation, Tyr has been forced to import vast quantities of food, water, and kank nectar. Vordon helps to provide the city with these items, but a chronic cash shortage within Tyr keeps their profits low.

The Vordon emporium takes up a full corner of Iron Square, lying to the left of Caravan Way as it enters the square. The front of the building houses the retail functions, while the rear consists of offices and storage. Directly across the street from the emporium next to the Nobles’ Quarter, House Vordon maintains its main office and a large, very secure warehouse. A small, fortified outpost used for storage of wagons and pack animals can be found five miles south of Tyr.


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