House Wavir, based in Balic, is a dominant force in the southern portions of the region. Wavir currently feuds with Tsalaxa, but has no quarrels with any other houses. House Wavir trades in all the major cities but is seeking to expand its trade in Tyr. Wavir also maintains important routes between Balic and Ledopolus, Walis, and Salt View.

Emblem: A silver jozhal on a blue field.

Trade Goods: Grain, ceramics, and precious metals with some small trade in hardwood, gems, and exotic animals.

General Information
Wavir is acutely aware of its origins as a two ­caravan house. It understands that only good luck and vigilant business practices have brought it this far. Young members of the family are encouraged to work the caravan routes or help staff outposts; high­ranking family members expect little of the luxury and sybaritic privileges extended to other merchant house members.

House Wavir maintains several official positions that improve its image with commoners, but strike other merchants as somewhat indulgent. Wavir car­avans sometimes allow villages in dire straits to buy supplies and food on credit, with the promise of fu­ture concessions or in exchange for lodging or pro­fessional assistance.

Another of House Wavir’s features is its deep and abiding hatred of slavery. Wavir was founded by a former slave, and future generations were raised to feel that slavery was an evil thing. Many of the house’s employees are former slaves who whole­heartedly support this position. Some of Wavir’s ri­vals have gone so far as to accuse the house of fostering and supporting slave revolts in contraven­tion of the Merchants’ Code, which forbids direct intervention in partisan matters. Nothing has ever been proven.


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