Dark Sun

The Tyrant of Tyr

For generations unto generations, every city of Athas has been dominated by powerful sorcerer-kings-fierce tyrants who rule unchallenged the scattered great oases. Unchallenged, that is, perhaps until now…

For two decades, the slaves, citizens, and nobles of Tyr have suffered under the increasing madness of King Kalak, struggling at his command to build a massive ziggurat in the heart of the city. Its purpose cloaked in mystery, the people only know that it is destroying them.

Now there are extra taxes to pay for material, and more and more slaves are being pressed into its construction. Output from Tyr’s greatest resource, its fabulous iron mines, slowly dwindles as Kalak concentrates all the city’s efforts on his ziggurat. The citizens, then the nobles, have begun to suffer as trade with other city states is languishing. Although they are worried, the fear of Kalak’s ire is sufficient to keep the nobility cowed.

Yet to this all, Kalak turns a deaf ear. The little concern he once had for his people has seemed to vanish like smoke.

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Dark Sun: The Tyrant of Tyr

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