Senator Agis of House Asticles runs the Asticles estate which adjoins the Mericles estate. Senator Tithian and [[:senator-agis | Senator Agis were friends from childhood and although they do not always see eye to eye (especially on state matters) they are generally agreeable people. Senator Agis is known to many as being far more sympathetic to the plight of the people under the increasing pressure of Kalak’s reign and although he does not voice his concerns directly to the Senate, rumours have spread about his apparent lack of full support for the current regime. He is quick to quash these however, as any sign of weakness in front of the other nobles could be his undoing.

In recent weeks the Asticles manor in the Noble district has come under attack by mysterious forces. Some folk reckon these attacks to have been orchestrated by the templars as punishment for his apparent lack of support. Additionally a very large shipment of Asticles wine was also stolen from the stores, witnesses reported an unmarked caravan arriving a day after the attacks and simply taking the wine and leaving. Some of this wine has since started to filter through the Elven markets.

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