Bards Quarter

Elves are nefarious traders, and have established markets in each of the major cities of the Tablelands. Located somewhere within a short walk of the Elven Market can be found an area clandestinely known as the Bard’s Quarter. Bards congregate in the worst parts of town relying on their reputations for cunning, ruthlessness, and poisons to protect them. These minstrel-assassins
can easily be hired to perform their arts for friend or foe alike. These comely, vagabond troubadours will sell poison, and sometimes the antidote, to murder-minded customers. Bards have little compunction when it comes to the lives of others, and will kill merely to practice a new technique. There is no way to rectify any mistakes made when dealing with bards.

Poison may be purchased here at market prices. An antidote will often cost as much or more than the poison. The use of poison and murder are punishable offenses under Tyrian laws.

Places of interest in the Bards Quarter include:

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Bards Quarter

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