Golden Inix

Midway along Caravan Way where the road bends, a narrow alley opens on the left. Next to it, a long brick building, nearly as narrow as the alley, beckons weary travelers with the aroma of frying inix and sweet broy (fermented kank nectar). A cracked sign overhead bears a golden inix on its left side opposite a stylized bottle, declaring the building to be a tavern.

The Golden Inix offers good food at reasonable prices. They are usually well stocked, offering three or four different meat dishes daily and a choice of broy (fermented kank nectar), Tyrian ale, or Asticles wine.

Mila Risani owns the Golden Inix and does a good business. There is rarely any trouble at the inix for Mila is an accomplished psionicist, able to dispatch unruly customers without lifting a finger. She prefers not to exhibit her powers, though, unless it’s absolutely necessary. Jaryx, the half-giant, takes care of most troublemakers. She has three scullery maids/cooks and the half-giant on her staff to assist her.

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Golden Inix

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