Grand Gate

Grand gate

The Grand Gate enters into the section of the city that houses the High Bureaus of the templars, the governmental offices of Tyr. As such, the templars restrict the traffic that passes through the gate. Only iron shipments from the mine and those having government business may use the Grand Gate. The gate is guarded at all times.

The gate opens onto a tunnel that extends 30 feet through the city wall. Two great agafari doors, arching to a height of 25 feet with a combined width of 15 feet, seal the passage from the city’s side of the wall. Outside the wall, a huge block of granite, graven in a terrifying image of the dragon, rests on log rollers to the side of the entrance. In time of war, the block can be pushed into place by three half-giants to seal the tunnel. A great iron ring is set into the block with two stout giant hair ropes that can be fed through a shaft in a stationary block on the opposite side of the tunnel. The ropes, in turn, can be tied to harnessed mekillots to assist the half-giants. The log rollers are held in place by stone ridges set between them. This allows the block to roll over the logs until it falls into place without the rollers moving with it, thus foiling enemy attempts to roll the block back out of the way.

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Grand Gate

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