Grik’s weapons shop lies a few doors down from the caravan gate. Those who know weapons often seek out the gap-toothed mul to fill their needs. An ex-gladiator, Grik sells finely crafted weapons at only a slight markup (10%). Erdlu-claw daggers, obsidian-tipped javelins, bramble-tree clubs, as well as metal weaponry of all sorts can be found within the cluttered, two-story shop during daylight hours. The walls of the building’s first story are constructed of uneven blocks of sandstone, the second floor being composed of sun-baked bricks. A massive stone door seals the entrance after hours. There are no windows. A stairway behind the counter at the back of the shop leads to Grik’s living quarters upstairs.

Grik is assisted by a grizzled dwarf named Murd, his former arena partner. Murd’s mind was largely destroyed in a gladiatorial match, reducing him to little more than a feral animal. Now he spends most of the day sitting in Grik’s shop sharpening blades, leaving only occasionally to roam the town. When in the store, he glares at customers, growling the entire time they remain in the shop. His manic fascination with blades provides some benefit to Grik. Not only does Murd discourage thieves, but he has a knack for honing edges to an uncanny sharpness.

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