Senator Trevalis is the head of the Minthur family. The Minthurs’ are a very rich and influential family in Tyr. They own a large estate and many fields just outside Tyr. Out of all the noble families in Tyr, they seem to be the least affected by the building of the Ziggurat. Some say that Senator Trevalis has made deals direct with Kalak to ensure his security, and others say that the Senator has deals with house Vordon that involves a constant supply of slaves in return for favourable rates and business within Tyr.

Travalis’ Son Verrasi is a young Senator following in his fathers footsteps. To most he does not yet have the level of power or corruption of his father but he seems to enjoy what power he has, as he frequents the taverns and Inns along Caravan way and sometimes ‘braves’ Shadow Square, but always followed by a retinue of heavily armed Half-Giant thugs.

The Minthur family are known enemies of the Freydlav family and often squabbles break out between the two. So far however, nothing serious has ever happened and no deaths have been recorded.

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