Session 151

Hoard 28


Narrator: Down in the dark and winding depths of Under Tyr our party is split between those who would stand fast against the Yuan-Ti menace in a secured room and those who would withdraw and gather strength before renewing the fight.

Naraaku: the stupid lesser races are going to get slaughtered, I can save Solzak, Krugga is attached to him and it will spare me from Narissa’s whining, the Veil prove smarter than expected and withdraw with me. Mirajj thinks we should just dump the lot of them and run but these people have become like my run-brothers and I will not desert them, yet.

Narrator: The noise from the tunnels below grows, Hix tried desperately to keep everyone together but the elves seem set on departing and his fellows in the room are in no mood to discuss further, they are fixated on Shallaya who has begun chanting strange words – I am told later. Suddenly a strange calmness enters him and he becomes instantly confident in the path to follow. He bravely charges in and Naraaku looks on in undisguised admiration and awe

Naraaku: the narrator grows tedious, if he speaks again soon I’ll skewer him with arrows.

So this is what happens next… The stupid human, resolved to die, shouts “follow me everyone” and runs past us all into the room, no one else moves. It’s typical of their sort, heroic and pointless sacrifice, at least we didn’t pay him in advance. Then he does something new, seeming to explode with a radiant light, growing in size and starting to claim his name is Pelor. An outline of a glowing being, with feathered wings and a large sword encompasses him. I definitely don’t remember him doing this before.

A large snake-like undead, covered with runes slithers into the room, setting off traps set by Ken but not stopping. Yuan-Ti archers seem to slide from the shadows behind it. It’s not looking good. Then Hix does something.

I am conflicted, I could run but he seems to have a plan and he’s still in between me and the Yuan-Ti, better still he’s made himself the obvious target. I move forwards and prepare to support his plan with my many arrows. The Veil, seeming to be inspired by his action, move in also and provide magical support.

Hix-Pelor seems to relish the thought of confronting the filthy undead, let him, we elves hate them and try to keep our distance. The Hix-Pelor figure and the snake-creature exchange words about past battles and such. Hix-Pelor seems to know what he’s doing, his radiant energy drives it back and away, it shrinks from him and the Yuan-Ti flee with it. We pursue.

Down in the deep tunnels we go, our allies from the room spilling out, led by Shallaya who also seems brimming with confidence and muttering while holding that silver disk. What is going on? We arrive in a big round room, with a mighty, rune-covered, arch of stone and bone in the centre. It looks like some kind of portal, through it I see a red, jungle world, with twin moons and a huge Ziggurat, around it is a legion of Yuan-Ti. I curse Hix’s name inwardly for making me follow him. On our side of the arch is the undead snake-creature, it is trying to get across the room to the Yuan-Ti shaman, other Yuan-Ti are doing the same. Hix-Pelor’s radiant rays flash out and sweep all of them up in a storm of light, through the portal into the other world. It closes. All goes quiet.

We look at each other, then cautiously enter the room. Hix seems to collapse. I leave him where he is (Shallaya goes to tend to him) and gesture to Mirajj not to rob him, he’s earned his rest. The arch seems to be linked to a contraption at the far end of the wall which itself is powered by energy from two obsidian orbs, which seem to have fallen down a trench during the light storm. The contraption has a mural on the wall, with a red, green and a blue-green moon – perhaps three destinations for the portal? The arch itself has runes written in Draconic, only Drax understands them and the Veil note the runes down as he translates what they say is some sort of ancient star map. There is a reference to the green-blue moon being Tyr-Agi – they recall it as an ancient word for Tyr; apparently this was the name for our world, in ancient times, when the halflings walked across the whole land and it used to be green. I don’t believe that our world was ever green and I hate halflings.

The others are unsure what to do, I point out a hidden door in the back wall and everyone rushes there. No one thanks me. There is a lot of money there (625 ceramics, 7 silver and 5 gold) and nice things (a jewelled leather braces set-150c, 3 jade crowns-3×300c, 2 fine gems-2x 330c, silk worth 87c, a leopard item-89c, magical leather armour+3 of cold resistance-Solzak dons it, Gith plate made of chitin which Drax carries and 5x fruits of poison resistance – which Hix, Kroll and Solzak share out).

We then debate what to do, we need to neutralise the threat of the portal to Tyr – if a Yuan-Ti legion could make it through Tyr would stand little chance. Kalak and the necromancers cannot have been aware of the danger, surely if he and they were aware they would have sent all their forces to see it off? Hix has found the map and says that the Deeps would get us above ground in half a day but the path is dangerous while going back the way we came (the Tembo’s Teeth) would take at least a day or two. I am desperate to see the sun, breath clean air and get out from these cramped damn caves and agree with those who want to get out quick. The Veil lobby for the safer route, reluctant to risk the obsidian orbs to chance now.

We rest the night in the hidden room, during my watch two different groups of undead pass, the later trying to get into the room as if they sense us. Hix once again surprises me and produces a powder which dulls their senses. He has become suddenly more resourceful than before. This makes me suspicious and I will have to watch him closely. We rest fully, I am not eager at the prospect of so many undead around.


The Wisdum of Kroll, on accepting weaknesses
See, I may not be smart, like those wizards, and like Ghostbait, but I got one thing they don’t.
Well, I got a few things they don’t.
I mean, there’s the mace and the chair which I reckon they want to steal for themselves. Probably for some ritual or something. I heard once that to join the veil you have to do some ceremony thing in just your sand scoured skin. Meant to involve a couple of… but yeah, I was talking about what I got.
See, they got the smarts, but me, I got common sense. You get one or the other, that’s how I see it, and that’s what I got. See, they just stand around talking about what to do about a problem, but me, I go start working to fix it!

So anyway, we got into this little room. Don’t reckon I’d have locked myself in there, but Ken was paying and hey, I need the cash. The rest of them though, they made the big mistake, they split the group up. See, it makes it harder for the audience to keep track of what’s going on, and the other team can do you all manner of nasty.
Now, not two minutes after I got the spikes in the door and the bell on it, Shallaya was losing her mind a bit, and then we hear some squabbling of ghosts from outside and Ken says to get the door open again. Probably being a boss makes people not stick to their choices. Oh well, I got it open.

We see ghostbait out there. Looks like he’d got himself another ghost. The big one that was watching Shallaya earlier. Now, it seemed to be on our side, helped us beat back the bone snake (weren’t that the stage name of that thri kreen dancer? I reckon it was), knock the snakes back through this portal thing, and then vanished. But see, that’s just what it might do if it wanted to lure us in. Maybe it reckoned it couldn’t beat us there, ‘cause we knocked the orbs off that thing and the portal closed, but maybe it really wanted to lead us into the portal. Yeah, could’ve been that. Best to keep an eye out, can’t be sure.

Now, after Ghostbait fell down, again, he was still twitching so I left him to it… maybe I should’ve been safe, could still’ve had that ghost in him. He brings ‘em in like flies on kank carcass. So I went up to see where them orbs went, and Naraaku arrived when I did. Thought he was still hiding at the back, that elf moves fast and quiet. Thought the orbs might be lost. My torch was. Then Ken and the veil all throw some magic stuff around and walk down there happy as you like and start arguing. No rush, guys, not like we’re in a temple of crazy snake cultists.

Just as we’re about to leave, Naraaku points out a door that nearly weren’t there against the wall. So I knocked with me foot. It opened, ‘course it did. Some gas or powder or water or something came out and bit me though. That weren’t nice. ‘nother door behind it. Didn’t reckon they would’ve trapped it as well. Was wrong, not quite fast enough. Reckon I should’ve expected it but yeah, we live and learn. Shallaya woke me up again, with that strange disc-light thing going on. Would be nice sometimes to just get a bit of rest.

The other side was full of treasure. Ain’t got nowhere to put the money, but Shallaya did point out some nice bracers made of some fur of some creature I ain’t seen. Now, I ain’t killed it myself but it were nice, good mark to show I’m on the way up in the world.

Just when I wanted to keep looking through it, the brains finished their talking and said the portal gear needed destroying. So I go to do it and they say it don’t need destroying, but maybe it does. So we all go out there and they still can’t make their minds up, keep talking and talking until I’ve had enough and go back to the treasure.

Found myself a chair. Reckon it’d look nice… I just need a pad to keep it in. Maybe ask Solzak where the free are, can trade some fighting training for a pad to live in and keep my chair in. Got the rope sorted out so I can carry it and then Shallaya comes back and starts talking more about this Pelor thing. Says something about… I dunno, I reckon maybe an elemental spirit of mercy… and the sun? Can’t make its mind up either, must be smart. Must be an old bunch of stuff she got this from and all ‘cause who needs a spirit of the sun? Just look up. And who needs a spirit of mercy? It’ll get you killed!

After they come back, the veil try to tell me that I need to leave the chair behind. Reckon they want it. Nice chair, not surprised. Don’t reckon they can carry it though. Gotta keep my eye out, they might’ve arranged to have people to take my chair away when we get back to the surface.

We rested there, the rest of the watchers getting all antsy every time someone shifted funny and nearly bringing a bunch of corpses in to play with us. Me, I was resting. Gotta accept your surrounds, THAT is wisdom!

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Session 151

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