High Bureaus

Each of these buildings houses one of Tyr’s governmental bureaus. Templars staff the offices from dawn until sundown to conduct government business. The High Bureaus include the bureaus of: Mines, Trade, Fields, Security, Defense, the Arena, the Gardens, Administration, State, Finance, and Water.

Regardless of the function involved, the process for dealing with the templars of any bureau is much the same. The first officials encountered are on the ground floor of the building. These lower-level templars (1st to 4th-level) attend to routine duties, screen inquiries, and determine to whom a petitioner should be referred to for resolution of his request. Often, a bribe to one of the junior templars can expedite one’s processing greatly. Otherwise, it can sometimes take days or weeks to gain an audience with one of the more highly placed templars. A bureau guard, usually a half-giant, stands by ready to assist the templars if necessary. This scene repeats itself as you ascend floors in the building and levels of authority among the templar functionaries. To gain an appointment with the ranking templar of a given bureau may require a character to run a gantlet of lesser officials and outlay increasingly costly bribes. As such, most citizens avoid the High Bureaus unless it is absolutely necessary.

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High Bureaus

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