Noble District

Tyr’s Noble District is divided in two by the Caravan District. The stylish, spacious stone residences of the Noble District serve as a reminder of what most commoners will never possess-a family name associated with a history of wealth and influence. Merchant princes, templars, ranking administrators, and nobles who maintain villas inside the city-state enjoy various degrees of lavish quarters. Their residences are tall~ and airy, usually three stories or more in height. Most homes have quarters for servants, private courtyards, and gardens.

The district’s shops are more sophisticated than those found elsewhere in Tyr. Herbalist shops spice up their offerings of medicinal herbs and exotic oils with flute and sitar music. Vendors of colorful silks, glassblowers, and perfumeries display their wares in fancy arrangements outside their storefronts, enticing passersby to linger. Essentially, these shops exist to separate nobles from their excess coin.

Private guardsmen patrol the streets of this exclusive area, usually in groups of five to 10, to protect against thieves and ruffians. Don’t be fooled, however, by the appearance of order and harmony. Intrigues and deceptions are everywhere in the Nobles’ Quarter. They occur behind closed doors and take place on a grander scale than the petty street crimes evident in the poorer sections of town.

The Scarlet Helms
Noble District Street Watch
The Tyrian Guard doesn’t venture into the Noble District, Instead, the major noble families provide a small private army of watch officers. Called the Scarlet Helms after their distinctive red-dyed headwear of mix scales, this force maintains order in the streets and escorts non-residents out of the district by nightfall. It keeps special watch on the borders where trade districts adjoin noble neighbourhoods. A Scarlet Helms squad consists of a leader (usually a human or mul gladiator) and several half-giant guards.

The following sites lie in the Noble district

Narrissa’s Colours and Scents
Rhey’s Apothecary
Jade Jozhal
Athas Revealed
Sweetwater Inn
The Sandstone Inn
Blacksun Villa

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Noble District

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