Session 112

Hoard 24

The Wights were defeated but their ghouls swarmed into the house and overwhelmed the group.

Several in the party were repeatedly immobilised and paralysed by the ghouls and the end seemed close.

Kroll and Ken fought well but their allies began to falter.

Then a flight of arrows slammed into the ghouls. From a building across the street, black cloaked elves began to whoop war cries as they notched a fresh flight of arrows.

With this new support the tide turned and Naraaku gave a war cry back to them before falling. However Ken, flying above the house with his magic and Kroll, now less surrounded, used their advantage to help finish the ghouls.

Naraaku was brought back to consciousness by Kroll and promptly went off to speak to the elves without thanking him.

As Naraaku suspected, these were fellow run brothers; elves of the Dark Moons clan, sent to take revenge on those who had betrayed our tribe. Naraaku explained to Eevuu the leader that Stel should be the target, alongside the allied houses, some of whom were dealing with undead. There was also a potential for a business opportunity in this revolution.

It was decided the party would return to the Golden Inix to rest in safety.

On the way they came across rowdy celebrations at Stel compound, Kroll was volunteered to speak to the guards outside. A young former lieutenant has taken the place of Korrik, the assassinated former head of Stel in Tyr. The new boss, Praxitus is known for his tactical brilliance. Kroll was offered a job with Stel.

At the Inix, Kroll went to investigate the kitchen where poison was introduced into Solzak’s food, Kroll and Naraaku drank some Broy (which the later paid for out of respect for Milla the owner, Eben’ fiancé).

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Session 112

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