Session 113

Hoard 24

At the Inix, Silverwing investigates the kitchen for traces of poison and found traces of ‘Black Death’. It turns out to be very expensive, which made Solzak proud that Kalak’s minions were prepared to spend so much money to kill him.

Solzak arrived and announced he had killed the Templar Girrius (Minister of War).

We updated him on the Thri-Kreen who helped poison him (and that we’d killed the assassin).

Hearing that the Templars forces were trashing Shadow Square market daily (led by a Templar called Portinx) in revenge for the killing of Girrius, Naraaku suggested they go speak to Muuton Skysinger, the Lord of the Elven market.

There was a debate on how to re-start the revolutionary struggle. We want to punish Portinx (we know where his family live outside of Tyr), kill other Templars (possibly enemies of Abdiel to implicate him) and draw the attention away from the elves in Sculptors Square (mainly Naraaku). We also need to get the Free and Veiled Alliance back into the fight (Silverwing has a contact at the later organisation, which is better than having to deal with Athrialix again).

Also that the Golden Inix was no longer safe given the Templars know we stay there.

Then Mila came down and we told her about our suspicions about the Thri-Kreen, she said he was called K’Kavir and had only been working for her for a few weeks. He lives in the Warrens, on the Border with the Noble District.

We also learnt that Solzak had been paying Mila to use the Golden Inix as a safe house for his nefarious activities.

We then went to the Drunken Giant to trade in the undead ears for ceramics, on the way the talk on-the-street was about the assassinated Templar and Solzak’s threatening message.

Afterwards we headed to the Elven market to meet with the leader of the Skysinger tribe, Muuton Skysinger. Naraaku introduced himself and offered the help of the Night Runners out of respect for the Skysingers tribe and their relationship. Muuton was grateful and told us that the Templars often meet agents at a place near Sculptors Square. Silverwing and others tried to convince him to help the revolution, he agreed to help them at discounted market rates. Muuton also knows Solzak killed the Templar.

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Session 113

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