Session 114

Hoard 24


We arranged a meeting with the Veil.

We met in an old building in the Warrens which locals believe to be haunted. Fastius the magician took us to meet the Veil’s boss in Try, Solzak asked him about Narissa and he agreed to do a sending to her.

We met Matthias Morthen, an old, bearded man with gold armbands which glow with power, the room he met us in turned into a Forrest due to his magic.

Ken revealed that Dote Mal Payne was looking for an obsidian orb, having sent a necromancer and troops into The Templar Teeth in Under Tyr to look for it. Matthias noted that as he is a magician, Mal Payne covets the orbs as much as Kalak.

The Veil is however not a fighting force and will not face off against Kalak’s forces directly, but they will help us against him with shielding us.

Ken said that he has information that House Stel were planning to pressure the Master of Trade into giving them more concessions. We planned to assist Vorden by giving them the Stel daggers which Solzak and explain to the Minister that Stele are destabilising business in Try with their activities.

We also agreed to have the Veil recall Orsk to Tyr to help us.

Ken will try and find out how many troops are with the Necromancer.

The Veil will send out invitations for a Revolutionary Council meeting (based on the same people we invited last time).

We also decided that as Stel have complete control over the slave trade due to their psionic crystals we should seek to find and disrupt the source.

Our plans:

  • Find the Thri-Kreen who helped poison Solzak and find out what he knows.
  • Hold a meeting of the a Revolutionary Council. Update them on what we have achieved and get updates on their situations. Tell them (some) of our plans.
  • Get an update from Orsk (summoned by Neebit) on how the troop training is going.
  • Head to Under-Tyr, to the Tembo’s Teeth, intercept the necromancer and his force and recover the Orb.
  • Speak to House Fredilav and sound them out as possible allies (Solzak).

We Made Our attack plans

  • Attack the Grand Gate with an alchemical bomb (hidden in a merchant’s wagon). To show we can attack Kalak’s forces from outside as well as inside Tyr.
  • Make more alchemical bombs.
  • Attack more templars and necromancers.
  • Get more info on Dote Mal Payne’s plans and allies.
  • Ask the nobles and Free to prepare the noble district and parts of the Warrens for a defensive blockade. Also stockpile food.
  • Gather info to help in further attacks on Stel.


Solzak’s vision of the revolution

First Stage: Preparation
1) Find out which gangs, noble houses, merchant houses etc are committed to the revolution.
2) Use our resources and contacts to tempt others to join us, including those noble houses sitting on the fence, and army units which may switch sides when the time is right.
3) Ascertain who will remain loyal to the regime.
4) Stockpile food, weapons and other supplies at safe houses in the Warrens, and Caravan and the Noble district (at least at houses which are loyal to the revolution) and start covertly fortifying the areas we intend to seize from the regime.
5) Weaken the regime (as discussed in Ricky’s email).

Second Stage: Seizure
1) The troops we have outside the city will be smuggled into the Warrens and Caravan districts where they will wait in safe houses. 2) The gangs will seize and seal the city gates in the areas we intend to control, to prevent reinforcements arriving from the army camps outside.
3) Simultaneously, we and soldiers from Orsk’s mercenary company will attack and destroy House Stel while the remainder of our troops – those left waiting in safe houses – seal off the Warrens and prepare to defend them.
3) As this is happening the nobles committed to the revolution will attack and destroy any loyalist noble houses in their district before declare it free from Kalak.
4) The Free and our merchant allies will seize the caravan district.
5) Once this half of the city is secure we declare it free from Kalak’s control and ask enemy army units to join us.

Third Stage: Open Warfare and Overthrow
1) Prepare for and withstand Kalak’s counter attack against the ‘free city’.
2) Kalak’s failure to retake the city will result in more army units defecting to us and templar’s fleeing the city. Maybe infighting amongst the regime.
3) Organise our forces and seize the Ziggurat.
4) Launch an all out assault on the Templar Quarter and kill Kalak (a combined effort from our adventuring party) and his remaining loyalists.

Fourth Stage: Declare a ‘Free Tyr’
1) Capture and kill all remaining Templars and destroy or recruit residual regime forces.
2) Use our troops to impose order on the city. Create a new standing army that will defend the city from external attack and will be controlled by a ‘ruling council’
3) The ‘ruling council’, consisting of representatives from each faction, will govern the city by consensus.
4) Abolish slavery and declare magic legal.
5) Write a set of laws which will be impartially enforced by a Judiciary
6) Establish a powerful militia to police the city and enforce the will of the Judiciary.


Alchemist’s Diary
- Input 4516 -

…I met the Misfits in the morning and we went to the Drunken Giant to get our reward. We managed to kill quite a lot of those necrotic puppets.

Even though I bargained ourselves an impressive deal, no one said ‘thank you’. Strange. Clearly sacrificing 50 ceramics, worth the 10% increase on our overall prize.

Kroll stares at an empty glass with an empty expression while Naraaku is smelling Krugga’s behind
I don’t know why I’m so surprised.
“Do you want to put your money into the party fund?” Naraaku asked me.. Yea right! Like I’ll fall for that idiot’s scheme…

…Naraaku just bought the worst looking ‘healing fruit’ that I’ve ever seen. It was very amusing to see him so excited. Even though I saw his bitch producing better looking droppings. HA! I didn’t have the heart to disappoint him, but Kroll did…
…After what seemed like a blackmail in broad daylight, the two idiots decided to head to the elven lord’s tent.. Lord? Merchant? Umu, was his name? I don’t remember. I’ll never deal with him again anyways. What’s with all the animals in this tent.. And the dead heads on the walls as well? haha…

…We left the tent. Nothing useful from this guy.
I decided to head on towards the veiled alliance HQ on my own. I can’t be seen walking with that lot too much, besides I know them only for few days. They’re not the smartest bunch, but one can never be sure.
If they had dealings with the Veil before as they say, they should know where to meet us…

…Hey Fastious, good to see you. Thank you for arranging the meeting with Matthias Morthen in such a short notice.
I’m waiting for few head figures of the revolution to show up…
Solzak, Kroll and Naraaku decide to check the real estate in the neighbourhood and break into one of the buildings nearby instead of looking at the waving party
What are they doing, those fools? The head of the Veil is waiting!
Fastious, can you give them a ‘friendly’ welcome?…

…Solzak seems very interested in the veiled alliance operations.
It seems that he is quite worried about his wife too, but not as much as the Veil business… It’s a shame that the Veil didn’t hear from her for more than a week. She is such a lovely girl. Hope nothing happened to her…
…I wonder what she found in this man-whore? I really thought that she is smarter than that.. Well, women! Ha!..
“bagigdsjsk blablabla jfgnbekfebn” says Naraaku and falls on his face while Fastious is walking angrily towards the stairs
…Stupid elf, he can’t even walk straight!…

…As we walked into a tiny room it quickly turned into a jungle with a swift hand motion by Matthias. I always loved his magic!
I informed the party about Dote Mal Payne’s plan to gather a small team led by a necromancer to under Tyr (Tembo’s Teeth region) in search of Obsidian Orbs. I told them about Stel attacking house Troika. From my intel it seemed like a random attack, but still it showed that House Stel is bullying whoever they want. It must be stopped! House Stel is planning to meet The minister of Trade (Xamres) to convince him to renew the slave flow to the city…
“Blablablabkbkbfkerg kre…” This Naraaku has some nerve to insult Matthias… Haha that’s right, it got chilly in here Naraaku!
Naraaku is trying to warm himself up as Mathias punishes his unmemorable remarks by freezing him a bit
…It’s my lucky day. I don’t know why, but it brings me pleasure seeing this fool suffer. Not too much of course…

…Matthias agreed to give his full support for the revolution, within his limits of course… He decided to show me the alchemical bombs and he gave me an unlimited support to try to copy the lost technique until I produce a prototype… It is my lucky day indeed!!!

…Kroll was very silent today…

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Session 114

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