Session 115

Hoard 25

We set off in the morning to find the Thri-Kreen, figuring we would have time to question and kill it before the evening meeting of the revolutionary council.

In the Warrens we spotted some remaining members of the Ruin Creepers Halfling gang, at the same time something large began to approach. They spotted us as I tried to keep stupid Kroll from walking into an ambush and a fight ensued. Kroll charged into combat, at one point jumping off a building to crush some of the wretched Ruin Creepers. Kroll then distracted the Halflings attention by letting them hit him repeatedly as Naraaku, Solzak and Ken killed them.

While we were saving Kroll a huge monster approached, we realised it was a Braxat, a huge armoured, humanoid lizard, not a creature native to Tyr. The Halflings seemed to recognise it, Solzak tried to distract it with one of his phantasmal images but it ignored the image and headed towards us, it seemed to order the Halflings to keep attacking Kroll also.

Suddenly there was a mighty cry, my old friend Orsk the Half Giant strode out and challenged the Braxat, a great battle ensued and Orsk looks like he may have picked too strong and opponent as it rained heavy blows on him with its massive club…

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Session 115

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