Session 116

Hoard 25


I swung into action, firing volleys into the filthy halflings attacking Kroll and downing them, giving him space to withdraw and recover. He immediately ran to join Orsk in the fight with the Braxat. Alongside Orsk were Catalina and two Vanguard but these three seemed overawed by the Braxat and failed to do much.

Some of the halflings tried to attack Solzak and myself but we held them off, Ken’s magical little plant creatures helped also.

The Braxat’s flailing of Orsk and Kroll brought down part of a building and seemed to briefly lead to the fight pausing, I took advantage of the pause to fire an arrow into its brain through its eye and it fell. No one thanked me, no one ever thanks an elf.

The halflings were overawed by my prowess and seemed stunned by the death of their leader, I took used this to make them surrender to me, tricking them into thinking that they will have the protection of myself and my clan in exchange for their services. In reality they will be arrow fodder to distract the Templars from the Sky-singers. They are called Horg, Josta, Nok and Goh.

We made them take us to their stinking underground lair, there we retried a lot of money which I shared with my fight-brothers and some gems (which I kept to give to Mutton Skysinger). Ken took a stature “for the revolution” if Orsk trusts him them I will have to, the stupid half-giant has good intuition. There was also a fruit which has some powers which didn’t really interest me,

We went to find the Thri-Kreen (K’Kavir) at the edge of the warrens, stopping at the market on the way. I gave Muuton the gems to compensate angry elven merchants and he re-affirmed the oaths of brotherhood between our tribes. The others saw some human slaves being sold and managed to antagonise my brothers by poor negotiation, I had to fix this.

Near the insect’s house we met up with the Dark Moons, Eevu told me where it was and that it was with a clutch-mate but that nothing lived nearby, good as I promised a meal to the halflings. I sent the Dark Moons off to reconnoitre the house of Portinx the Templar outside of Tyr for weaknesses (I have a plan to deal with him now); the outdoors will do them good as I can see that the confined city was getting to them. We decided Kroll should go in with a disguised Solzak to question it with me and the halflings nearby (as it probably wouldn’t react well to us).


(Picture the scene, it’s a tavern. It’s grubby. It serves cheap, strong drinks, and lizard skewers. Kroll is drinking with some uncouth looking types and telling them his tale… which he might well be doing if we hadn’t progressed more than five minutes in game time from when this all happened)

So there I was, up on the ledge, and these stupid halflings are throwing shit at me from down on the ground. So what do I do? Damn right, I jump down there, take down two of the runts as I land on ‘em, then I’m laying about me with me mace. So these ‘alflings are falling left and right,
but there’s a horde of ’em, right?

Yeah, another drink, nice one. Get yerself one too.

Now, these vermin are all throwing their javelins into the brawl- that’s the problem with halflings y’see. Not like you or me, they just don’t care about their mates. Anyway, I’m down there, and I’ve got the Masked Avenger backing me up, so the little rats can’t take us down, but they’re swarming like… y’know, those little lizards that breed lots. Yeah, them. But yeah, we’re crushing ’em as they jump up.

Then, right, the ground shakes, and this kill stealing elf from up on one of the ledges stops planting arrows in the downed ‘alflings and starts firing over around one of the blocks. So yeah, I’m bored of the rats now. Figure it’s time to go fight something worth the prize purse. I mean, you’ve seen me fight, right? Yeah, damn right, took ’im down I did, and hard!

So I comes running around the edge of this block and this thing is there. Now I see where the Bane has got to. Glory hog, he is, but a tough ‘un. As I’m running up, he gets knocked into a wall- would’ve pasted near anyone in this bar that hit would! And this thing that ‘it ’im, it’s bloody massive. Built like a lump o’ granite, holding this club big as you or me. Well, me at least. Now, I’m runnin’ up when the thing starts spewing acid over the place…

Lizard skewers! Yeah, now this is what I call a class establishment! crunch

So yeah, where was I? Oh yeah, the acid- yeah, well, you seen me in there, you know it din’t stand a chance. Missed me by a league it did.So then yeah, the Masked Avenger, he throws something in there and this big brute, Brags-at I think it were… yeah, that was it, it slips on something, slams into the wall. Well… yeah, I say into, damn thing went through it. Landed on one of the halflings. Hehe, yeah, little runt was right squashed he was. Now, this thing it ain’t happy, pulls itself up to its feet again, bellowing like an angry Mekalot. But I ain’t havin’ this, so I go runnin’ in there, two o’ the smelly little halfling rats trailing like flies on a slave caravan. This thing, it just has its feet again when me mace takes it in the knee. The lump, now, it staggers, so I ’it it again, and its down on
one knee. Yeah, now its real ornery though, and that club, it comes piling down at me while the little runts is trying to stab at me.

Of course, I ain’t takin’ that, so I slip back ‘tween the rats and they scramble back right sharpish, looks like they don’t wanna be pancaked. So then this brute, I jump up onto its knee, shatter one o’ its shoulders with me mace and I’m just about to crush its dumb great skull when…

Ah yeah- more broy now that’s the ticket…

What happened? Oh, right. So, I’m there, mace raised when… yeah, you guessed it. Bloody elves. Now, I ain’t sayin’ the shot was bad. One in each eye, it were right good shooting. But still, bloody elves, you know you can’t trust ‘em, they go stealin’ your right good earned kills, and the buggers don’t even go puttin’ themselves in the thick o’ the fight when they do it!

What? Yer mother was an elf? Well, you should know better than… you what?
(at this point we fade out to the sound of raucous laughter and brawling)

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Session 116

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