Session 117

Hoard 25

The Belgoi set up a trap for the group, using the Thri-Kreen K’Kavir as bait. When the group approach, they attack. It is a difficult fight, but finally the Belgoi are defeated and Solzak in particular breathes a sigh of relief (for now)…

They then return to a secret location of Under-Tyr, where the revolutionary council meet once more to discuss the future of the city…

Second meeting of the Revolutionary council

Updates on progress from the factions

  • The free seemed to be missing, neebit had not seen them and forgot to get hold of them due to running around looking for everyone else. Not too worried though, they are in under Tyr securing a home for the freed slaves. Orsk heads off to find out what has happened to them
  • Orsk training has been successful, mentions being ready for the mines but Solzak cuts him off by saying that it is not the plan anymore
  • Helandrez needed help to protect his goods, orsk to provide men
  • Helandrez also mentioned the M’ke vault said he had told Eben but the others wanted to know where it is too
  • Rathoras quay wanted to speak to Jekall, Matthias morthen to help, otherwise they have been training the free psions (average level 5) but some that have been exceptional students (level 7)
  • Atrius – still protecting the brotherhood camp. It is important for him to ‘keep up appearances’ but agreed with Solzak that he could start to help influence the other noble houses most hurt by the régime (house Fredylav in particular). Ktandeo was there too with a foreign girl from Raam whom Solzak had seen before a couple of weeks ago being bought by him at a slave auction. She did not appear to be a slave and said very little, keeping close to Ktandeo. Atrius offered the services of Ktandeo also as his best and most trusted agent
  • Kovia mentioned that because of house Stel the merchant district and caravan way live in a state of fear, even more so than the templars in some ways as they are closer and seemingly more powerful, their influence must diminish so that they can better capitalise on the weakness of Kalak
  • Argorr of the Toothcutters sheepishly and defiantly showed his face alongside a couple more elven thugs. They were unapologetic about abandoning their place in the warrens as they feel that the revolution did not keep their part of the bargain (a small note of a tithe that was not paid and the Ruincreepers). Solzak begrudgingly paid them off and naraaku produced evidence of his many trophies that the Braxat leader of the halflings was now dead and he was now their leader. Impressed, Argorr assured the council the toothcutters will be returning to the council fully loyal or as loyal as a group of self proclaimed murderous, robbing elves can be!
  • Muuton needs help with ridding the merchants of constant harassment from the templars in his district, as then the elves will be able to help with more ‘rare’ and ‘interesting’ items to help the revolution that other merchants are unable to get hold of (spell components for rituals, and certain magic items) and the limited armed protection he can muster
  • Mathias Morthen pledged the assistance of Athrialix in the upcoming endeavours of the group (careful not to speak of it directly) and a couple more very experienced veil agents, for the group should not be too large and be spotted easily. He was keen to stress that the veil will not expose themselves to open warfare as the use of magic in the city will be fatal for them and arouse too much attention from Kalak and the necromancers
  • Plans of actions – Solzak outlines the four step plan for the revolution
    Solzak asks each of the representatives to swear allegiance and commitment again to the cause. They pledge, but as Kroll wryly puts it later – it is not as if they had a choice in the matter, it is too late now to back out!

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Session 117

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