Session 140

Back in Tyr, Hoard 25, we make our plans…

Our next steps:

  • Deal with the necromancers heading into Under-Tyr to find the Obsidian Orb – All of us
  • Prepare to bomb the Grand Gate of Tyr, a night attack to minimise civilian casualties – Ken and the Veil to work on alchemical bombs, this will take about 2 weeks.
  • Watch Shadow Square for the Templar informants – the Dark Moons, for Naraaku
  • Hit the Templars across Tyr – the Brotherhood, Toothcutters and allies of Kroll
  • Find out where the Templar’s food comes, steal it and give it to the people – Tyr’s Eyes
  • Find evidence about Stel’s dealings with the Trade Minister Xamres – Blackfeather for Ken

We received intelligence about the necromancers mission to Under-Tyr, two are coming (Romula and Rema), leading two separate teams; each likely to be made up of 4-6 half-giants and up to 8 Tyrian Guard. They are targeting The Shrine, an area to the north west of the Tembo’s Teeth

We heard they will be heading down in two days (Hoard 27), to give them time to prepare, and they may know Veil is aware. We plan to head off the night before.


Gambala comments that our plans contain a lot about attacking Kalak and the Templars and little about helping the people. Nothing we do will especially get them on our side.

Naraaku meets Eevuu Dark Moon and they catch-up and plan for their mission, Naraaku makes sure they have some gold to help them. Eevuu agrees to spy on the Sculptor Square informers for him, identifying them and where they live. They quickly identify 12 informants and also discover that Rowan has appeared again, running a mercenary spying outfit, based in the Artisan District, called The Scarabs (they use a parasitic truth telling beetle). They are in the employ of Saloma Arlem, Ministry of Security.

We all meet at the Rat’s Nest bar, the traders there are still nervous about the Templar attacks. Naraaku tries to charm Andiama but then decides that he is not in the mood to make half elves after all and leaves with his pride intact. He spends the day following one of the informants, the activity takes his mind off being stuck in the claustrophobic city.

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Session 140

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