Session 141

Hoard 26

Naraaku’s thoughts…

as dictated by him and written up by Krugga the hyena.

I awoke to find myself in the airless catacombs of the Warrens once again. I can’t understand how the city dwellers can bear to skulk down there, they have no self-respect.

The boy Gambala went off to walk among the insects of the city and returned having sought to gauge the mood of the people. They are quite resigned to their oppression, lacking the will or imagination to be free. The aggression of the Templars to those they suspect of collaborating with the revolutionaries frightens them but they are too weak to fight back. The Gnoll attacks on farms and villages outside Tyr are of growing concern.

The rest of us decided to escort Solzak to Athas Revealed. The city streets were hazy with clouds of sand blown in from a storm outside and the lack of even the chance to see the open sky made me irritable. Solzak managed to startle a customer in the shop, he left in a hurry and Kroll followed. I pursued, not wanting to trust the stupid new Mul to think for himself. At last the other one was predictable, whatever his name was.

Kroll lost the cloaked man in a crowd but I did not. I sent Krugga to fetch the Mul to me. Pursuing the man he ducked into The Rat’s Nest in Shadow Square, exchanged a glance with Andiama and then with the predictability of a city dweller tried to flee out the back, where we met.

I tried to speak to him but he vanished like a mage. But he underestimated my skills like the foolish city dweller that he clearly was and I tracked his footprints. Krugga arrived with Kroll and we went into a deserted part of the Warrens.

We found him with four red-cloaked allies them and questioned them, wanting to know if they were friend or foe. Their weakness in trying to scare us off rather than fight us singled them out as revolutionaries rather than those aligned to Kalak. We left.

We meet up with Solzak and Silverwing, they had bought a map of the Tembo’s Teeth that looks very incomplete. We then discussed a plan which Gambala had about building support among the outsiders by feeding them, if you ask me if they can’t feed themselves then death would be a mercy. I thank my ancestors that we elves have more self-respect. Gambala and Silverwing go and try raise support for the plan.

I go to Shadow Square with Kroll, I quite like the new Mul. It’s like Krugga and I have a pet (I hope we don’t have to eat it like the last one). Muuton is very sad about the Templar harassment, city living has softened him too much, I give him some money and cheer him up by telling him I have the names of the informers. Kroll got robbed, what a Kank-rider.

I then go to the Rat’s Nest and question Andiama about the cloaked man. She can’t resist me and tells me he is Veil, which figures. He has been selling trinkets to Gavin Sull. Kroll makes a mess downstairs but the feeble patrons adore him.

Leaving I met up with a contact of Muuton’s, Mirajj is an elf scout from the Twightlight-catchers tribe (who normally deal in magical items) with some knowledge of Under-Tyr. I will bring him so Krugga and I will have intelligent company when we are among the outsiders.

We re-unite in the Warrens and head to the Artisan district to meet the Veil allies who will accompany us into Under-Tyr. We are taken to an abandoned plaza where they try and make in impressive entrance (it is but I’m not telling them that).

The cloaked man turns out to be a half human named Hix. He offers us two routes into the Tembo’s Teeth, he sounds like he knows the area a little. We put for the longer but stealthier route via The Daggers. I do not trust this outsider yet, the Veil are too used to skulking in the Shadows.

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Session 141

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