Session 142

Hoard 26

Naraaku’s thoughts…

I follow the city dwellers down the well into Under-Tyr. There is the foul odour of decayed corpses all around. Mirajj quickly proves his elven superiority by spotting monster tracks in the ground, which the stupid human who claims to be our scout walks right over. The tracks show us a huge carrion crawler on the ceiling of the neighbouring cave, we debate going into the narrow tunnels but decide to destroy it. I sigh as battle commences, realising once again that once again I will be forced to do all the hard work for these sand crawlers. We attack it, it charges us and there are some injuries but I am able to save everyone by killing it. No one thanks me.

We realise that we are under the slave pits and that Kalak’s men have been throwing dead slaves down here to be disposed if. I don’t see any elf corpses and we move on, led by Hix who does seem to know the way.

We find ourselves in tunnels lined with sticky but crystalline looking webs, the Veil prove they are some use by warning that these have been spun by White Widow spiders, the stupid kank-riding Mul lights them with fire to see if they burn, they do and they also give us away to the spider which scuttle in to attack us. Kroll charges one and batters it to death. Hix steals my kill. Another then drops down a hole onto the others, who ignore my warning to get out of the way. I have to waste more arrows killing it for them while they fumble about like a speared Thri-Kreen.

The next cavern contains much more web and also egg sacks, the Veil spend their time burning the sacks as the others wander about collecting spider silk. I watch them and rest.

Tracks are spotted leading past this place, we do not know but think they could be the necromancer. Hix confidently leads us beyond the Daggers, into a wide and slopped staircase with ruined buildings to each side. We need to head down and he scouts ahead, making up for his invisibility by stamping about like a human.

Suddenly large, dog-like creatures leap out from the ruined buildings ahead and charge at Hix and us. Two chase him up a wall (which is quite funny) and three run at us. I pepper one with arrows, Kroll charges in and then Ken does some clever stuff where phantom images appear which confuse the creatures and then sets of magical traps. The Veil’s fireballs slam into them. I worry about where the necromancers are. If this the start of an ambush and we are out-matched, my companions may not be able to escape.


Fifth day of the season of the Worm

Descent into under Tyr, first report.

As ordered I have begun the descent into under Tyr with the freedom fighters. They seem a disorganised and chaotic mob more focused on causing chaos and assassinating public figures than over throwing the Dragon King. They appear to fight well as a team but I fear that a set back or mishap could easily break the fellowship.

The Elf Naraaku needs watching, his single minded perspective on the world could easily endanger our mission, yet his partner the Mul gladiator Kroll seems to pacify him and ease his violent disposition. The Mul seems to be playing stupid, more stupid than even a Mul gladiator would or should act, with feats such as setting giant spider webs on fire. Not even a Mul could be this stupid and I believe it may be an act with his lover Naraaku.

The assassin Solzak seems the most trust worthy at first glance as his heart only craves gold and power, both of which the council could easily facilitate.

The unknown is the one called Silver Wing, he is a mystery and as such must be watched as his true intentions are unknown and hard to guess. I will endeavour to discover his true form and report thus to the council.

We’re about to approach the bridge and I fear this will be our biggest test so far, I remain confident we will be successful.


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Session 142

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