Session 143

Hoard 26


The Daggorans rake Kroll and Hix incurring horrible wounds. I let my arrows fly and knock one from the wall as it tries to attack Hix again then kill one fighting Kroll. As others attack him, Kroll is surprised by a flurry of arrows from behind him which knocks the creatures away, my back-up elves retreat. But then Kroll falls under a renewed assault. What a waste of arrows.

At the fight looks to be turning against us, we elves re-locate by climbing up a wall. Solzak briefly impresses me by trying to get above us to keep Mirajj and myself between him and the Daggorans. But then he slips and falls back down to the ground, betraying the taint of his human lineage. As we rain arrows down on the creatures and the Veil flail away with their magic I spot Ken taking one of my kills. But with luck and our skill we are finally victorious. No one thanks the elves.

As the others rest, Mirajj and I keep watch. Ken scouts ahead to see the collapsed roadway leading down into the shadows. We are told, once the others have recovered, that the Veil think this is a part of Under-Tyr which connects to the Shadowfell due to the large presence of undead. That does not bode well, I hate the walking dead. Although I do remember that our last visit to the Shadowfell was when we recovered the Obsidian Orbs. No one else thought of this or thanked me for mentioning it.

Hix seems to know the path well from here, makes a change, he guides us confidently down and points out a small shrine which he has seen before. There is mention of the name “Avandra" as Ken and the Veil move closer to take a look, Ken goes in and bumbles about while Mirajj and I keep a watch for trouble, then he activates some sort of effect. The Veil declare it to be a Mercurial altar, it bestows an effect which makes the others faster (Shift your speed as a move action till the end of the day). The others partake of the blessing, Mirajj declines as does Kroll.


“Shoulda brought Orsk. None of this lot would know a proper multi-person arena fight if it bit them on the arse.

Several of them got bitten on the arse. See, when you’re fighting exotic dogbeasts you follow the lead of the trained gladiator. I mean, I’m good, but I can’t beat all of them without any backup.
Still not sure if that volley of arrows hit or missed its target. Can’t trust an archer. Honest fighter’d get down there in the scrap where you can give ’em a proper demonstration of dirty fighting.

So we climb down and the mages are all complaining about sensing evil and darkness and mean people. Sheltered upbringings- too much time spent hiding from the real world rather than really standing toe to toe with it. Then they see this shrine thing. Some sort of magical effect, and just about everyone goes and gets stuck into it. They might say I don’t trust easy, but not twenty paces after dire portents of dread and they all take this gift-altar as some sort of king-sent gift. The elf guide seems to have a smart head on his shoulders at least.

Lucky Hix knows where he’s going. Or claims to. He might’ve been contaminated by the altar. Still, I reckon I can find my way out from here.

Looks like I picked the wrong week to give up powdered Relnroot.

I reckon I thought me up a plan while that lot were getting themselves corrupted. We can totally convince the arena to put on a revolutionaries against templars fight. I’ll pitch it to ‘em- I play as a revolutionary, we make a big show of it, I say I’ll take a dive against their champion. Public spectacle, revolution defeated, lots of people watching, much happiness.
I hope they don’t pit anyone I like against me. Would hate to have to mutilate someone worth a damn to make a point.

Kroll the Champion, future master of the arena"

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Session 143

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