Session 144

Hoard 26/7


We move further down the path, at the bottom the temperature drops noticeably, icicles hang from the ruined ancient buildings around us.

This feels like the last time I was in the Shadowfell, my mood is downbeat. The Veil tell us that the source of this emanation is nearby, there is a strong necrotic presence.

We move ahead and see a fallen tower which had created a bridge across a gaping abyss. As we emerge into a wide cavern part of the wall detaches and swings at us. Someone’s magic stops it but then three large figures erupt from the ground ahead of us, golems! A fight ensures, they are tough but we destroy them quickly thanks to my well placed arrows.

We rest and Solzak tells us all about the Troupe of Shadows, including that he used to be one. We all agree that we should find them when they arrive in Tyr and find out their agenda. Hix moves to the other side of the bridge to scout ahead and warn us of any approaching enemies.

On watch I hear movement, Solzak goes to investigate and I try to follow but stumble. The atmosphere here and lack of open sky is really messing with my focus.

Solzak comes back, leading Shallaya the half elf and the albino Dray Drax into the camp. The cell has sent them to support us. They tell us that they have news of the Silt Cult, they have a base to the north east of Tyr, in the skeletal remains of a silt worm. Their crystals have become very popular among the nobles but they act as a brain for the cult. I wonder privately what their agenda is…

As we resume our rest, we are again disturbed. Five large reptilian creatures come down into the cavern. Hook Horrors. They try to find prey through echo location but are scared of by Ken and his bombs. The sound attracts a huge megapede, which we avoid but it’s movement causes the bridge to crumble and we flee across it. Hix meets us and warns of ghostly guardians and a structure ahead.

We enter the structure, a ramp leading down, it contains alcoves along the wall with pictures of vicious looking men killing and maiming. One, called “Ogre Doom” looks like a young Kalak and refers to the ancient time called “the Cleansing”. We realise that it refers to when Rajaat used 15 champions to kill many other races on Athas.

We descend further, most of our party to scared to follow Ken and I down. Perhaps they don’t trust him. I am brave but even narrower confines do nothing for my nerves. The Veil warn us of a presence below, necrotic in nature.

As we reach the bottom a skeletal hand bursts from a mound of debris. We run back up the ramp, attacking it as we go. One again my arrows save us and I claim another victory for my tribe and clan. Nobody thanks me.

There are 15 figurines on the ground. Ken finds a hidden door but is too stupid to open it. I point out that there are 15 niches around the room that are empty. I help him fill them with figurines and then, sensing danger, step back. He gets blasted by poison. Inside is a valuable Moonstone and a terrifyingly idol (which I think is Rajaat and cover up). Ken shuts me in the room because he is envious of my might, in the enclosed space I have a panic attack. The Veil free me and we stand down there and plan our next move as I recover.


3rd night of the blood moon, second day in under Tyr

We continue to proceed deeper into the under Tyr, the path is more dangerous than I remember and the fighting is relentless, it is if the fates themselves are toying with us. The bridge is now guarded by enchanted golems and the pathways seem to be full of random beasts from the depths, maybe something foul is scaring them towards the surface? As we fight a giant worm most of the bridge collapses and we have lost our path of return so we will have to venture deeper into the caverns to find an alternative exit. This outcome has me more scared than in any of my previous adventures, as such I have not spoken of it to the party yet.

I found something of great importance in an ancient crypt, the detail of which i will not commit to paper less I am captured and my notes found, but tell the wizard Gureth that his learnings may be right. Also I have news concerning new arrivals in Tyr, as before I will not commit the details to paper but they could alter the sway of power for good or bad.

Solzak emerged from a patrol with two new companions, a Half Elf called Shallaya and an albino Drey called Drax, we have to trust them on his word which worries me and I am watching them closely. What our party gains in strength we loose in stealth and yet again I am concerned about the viability of our task. Naraaku continues to fight like a gundark, but he appears scared of the dark and lashed out at every opportunity and where does he get his endless supply of arrows from? Solzak appears to be unprepared for our journey being out of shape and fighting like a spittal worm, we have to save him on several occasions, maybe his adventuring days are past him? Kroll seems disturbed, the randomness of fighting in the under Tyr seems to baffle him compared to the regimental fighting of the arenas. Silver wing was ineffective, again, maybe he is saving his powers for the final fight?

Despite these dangerous encounters our party has started to fight as team and as such is proving both effective and deadly. I would be proud to call them my friends.

Hix ///


We got to the bottom of the ruined building thing without mishap. Then the bloody elves had to go and raise up some things the wizards said were called golems. Never got to fight one of them in the arena before. Pity, they’d have been fun- and I’d have known that they have a pretty long reach. That kinda hurt, but no sense showing it without a proper audience.

Ken was pretty impressive for a moment- waved his hand and one of the rock-men just fell apart. Priceless look on his face when a bunch more started moving towards him.

After that beating I could’ve done with a rest. Can’t really show it though, not with this lot. Word might get out and there goes my reputation. Still, Solzak suggested we rest, and since I’m here to help him it’s only right for me to support him.

A nice rest. Some noise during the night, but nothing that was worth me getting up for. Had a dream that I was fighting a big stone bird thing that threw rocks the size of buildings at me.

Wasn’t happy to be woken up from the dream, before I killed the bird thing, by the place falling apart. I mean, it was only marginally worse than when I stayed at the Half-Giant’s Armpit off of Kank Square, but I didn’t fancy falling down. Had to collect my bells quickly and take a jog over the bridge. Ken was yelling something about collecting his explosives. Probably them that brought the place down in the first place and he wants us to go pick them up? Yeah, you won’t catch me doing that for free. A Mul has to have standards. Can’t go risking a dive into a pit without some pay for it.

Not sure why they all wanted to go harvesting cloth. I mean, I guess the picture I saw from the entrance looked good enough to hang on a wall in a bar with a good fighting pit, but not really worth the stopover.

Naraaku kept on shooting the undead thing they disturbed while they were harvesting cloth until it stopped moving. I didn’t thank him for that, was looking forward to seeing how far I could knock its head off its shoulders.

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Session 144

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