Session 145

Hoard 27


As we stand debating what to do ice forms across the cavern, the temperature drops suddenly and rapidly. The bridge begins to shake and we realise we have little time to spare.

The Veil secure the statue and our attention turns to the 10 ghostly figures on the side of the bridge. We realise they are Ghost Legionnaires, dwarves who failed in a quest and must stay here forever until they complete an objective.

Ken creates an illusion that makes him look like a dwarf and tries to convince them he is here to help them. He is either more powerful or more stupid than I imagined. There is an exchange, Kroll asks who killed them and is told “The Dark One”; we find they have seen no others pass this way. Ken ends up convincing them to let us pass safely, the stupid ghosts salute us as we pass.

Mirajj and I spot 10 sets of tracks, 2 groups, one after the other, 4 are larger, in each group, 1 lighter. As we descend deeper the temperature continues to drop, Hix notes it is normal for this place.

We enter a wide corridor, with levels of floor to ceiling alcoves, Ken rummages about and I complain about theft but no one else complains. He says he will share what he finds with us but I am not sure I trust him. Others start to look in the alcoves but I and Mirajj climb them and scout the corridor ahead, we hear a lot of shuffling and warn the others.

A large group of zombies appears at the other wend and begins sweeping the corridor towards us, we try and hide but there are too many of them and I realise they will see us. On my command the others attack, the Veil smite many with fireballs and Kroll shatters a lot of heads with his hammer. Hix even manages to get some with his little daggers. As the last zombies are killed there is a faint laughing on the wind.

We all start to hear voices telling us to leave, we decide to press on but as we do ghostly spirits appear and fly about us.

The corridor ahead leads into a cavern, its floor littered with debris, gathered around seven dead Tyrian soldiers are feasting ghasts. We all decide to take a detour and avoid them.

Hix goes ahead, into a room from which we hear sobbing, he and Ken end up upsetting a ghost and a fight ensues. So much for his detour. What a lizard licker. Thankfully I am there and save everyone with my well placed arrows (which I collect back when we have made the area safe).

We press on…

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Session 145

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