Session 146

Hoard 27


Silverwing searches the well while I and Mirajj scout the passages beyond the cavern. The others rest before we move on.

We find a grand boulevard ahead, with ruined and vine stream buildings to each side. It opens out onto a plaza, bustling with ancient spirits going about their business as if still alive

We move around, I and Mirajj especially wary of the blasted undead. As we reach the halfway point around the plaza and in sight of the exit route to the north which Hix directed us too we notice guards entering from the opposite side, a large but shadowy figure behind them. He is recognised as Ogre Killer, the name of Kalak in his earlier days. They start attacking the ghosts, who seem to reach as if they are being killed all over again. We flee to the north-west passage, hide and watch.

The Kalak-figure sees us and directs his minions to us, they advance towards us and we wisely flee. We seem to lose them in the tunnels.

Ahead of us Hix has been scouting and has set off a trap, we catch up and find a cloud of dust, Kroll claims no fault in this. He’s not smart enough to lie well so I believe him.

We find another new place, a corridor filled with defaced idols, someone reads some text which says “Follow not the false ones for those who do are doomed for darkness”… I am not scared by simple words.

I and Mirajj wait while Silverwing bumbles about on the ground and the Veil inspect each statue as if there was anything to see here. The last idol is a star-like symbol defaced with the word “traitor”, the Veil also note a relic with the wavy line symbol like we saw earlier. Shallaya wakes up and says that she recognises the ringed sun symbol, she has a disc with it, handed to her by her father in Raam, she says it speaks to her and it gives her knowledge and says good things. Right… It’s always the pretty ones that are the craziest. Solzak touches the disc and gets several different sensations, cold, then warm, then searing heat, and the feeling of something trying to purge his soul of impurity. Quickly he withdraws and speaks no more on the subject.

We find a body, in the armour of a Tyr Interior Ministry solder, drained of life force as if he was used for something. We also find seven sets of footsteps, four heavy and 2 light leading away. I note that that were not made too long ago.

Ahead something moves in the shadows and darts away, my senses feel keener and I realise we are out of the Shadowfell. I try and follow it but lose the tracks. Hix arrives and shouts that he knows where we are, which is nice but then the creature leaps out of the shadows and hack at him. It’s like a snake with a human torso, I didn’t think humans could look much uglier. It tries to duck away but Kroll charges in and hammer it, literally. Ken and Solzak also try their hand, I casually slay it, showing my superiority. The Veil don’t know what it is, Ken does. He says that he recalls ancient stories about a snake-like jungle dwelling race that used to live on Athas, thy lived in secret temples devoted to a god of poison and serpents. They vanished a few thousand years ago for no known reason. They were called the Yuan-Ti.

I move forwards, as I do I feel a lurching sensation which warns me of danger and recognise defiling magic being used ahead of us. Solzak runs forwards, keen for action. A battle is in progress ahead, I hear heavy fighting and magic use. We prepare for action. The ground shakes from the defiling magic being deployed, it must be the necromancers. We hear half giant voices trying to goad us, to draw us into an ambush but we hold firm. I decide that action must be taken while the necromancers seem distracted by whatever they are fighting and step to the side, slamming arrows into the lead half giant, then the Veil show some quality and fireball them both. Drax moves forwards and his psionic attack fells two skeletons and a half giant, I finish of the next one.

Two more half giants advance, all the undead around here leave me unsettled and my next volley of arrows misses their mark. The fight is truly on.

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Session 146

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