Session 147

Hoard 27

Hix intelligence notes 3:

It all started with Solzak scouting ahead and ended with us hiding in a cave next to his blood soaked body…

Solzak was on point, we should of guessed it was going to go wrong, but we were all tired and I had been pushing them hard to beat the necromancers to the altar much to their grumbles and curses.

Suddenly we heard a necrotic shriek and then angry shouts of several half-giants, with a cry of pain Solzak appears behind us covered in his own blood and piss, his cloak now a deep crimson red.

After that it all went up like a beholders antenna at a gnome clip joint. There was no plan just chaos and death. Random arrows flying in all directions from Naraaku, Kroll charging in head first and Drax and his female companion swirling their blades at the ever increasing skeletons bursting forth from the ground. During the confusion I dragged the lifeless body of Solzak out a pool of necrotic miasma, the stench of death hung around him so strongly I had to puke, but his cloak was ruined anyway.(*)

With fate smiling on us we won the battle and slew two necromancers, not bad for a bunch of sociopathic narcissists. To give them credit what they lack in brains they make up for in aggression and passion.

Saving the day I found a secret cave and encouraged everyone to hide inside and recover, as one by one we collapsed I silently thanked the Gods. Fate did indeed smile on us, but I know better than to trust the fates…

*I’m sure the strange one called Ken must have done something during the fight, but in the pandemonium I missed his contribution.

A new day sees us advance towards the lair of the snake people and we are confronted with a tunnel of strange water, we should investigate slowly…


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Session 147

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