Session 148

Hoard 27


“The Sayins of Kroll the Grate
The SLAYINGS of Kroll

It’s difficult to stay on top of your game enough to be great without having to say it.
Best way to keep an audience. Still, I reckon that’s what I’ll get the bards to call my tale when they sing it.

Anyway, we had a bit of a dust up. A few skeltons. Not really a challenge, and ignoring them keeps that sense of danger for the crowd so I mostly let ’em get on with shooting at me. Some half-giants. I think the halfling parent was probably giving a better showing in this lot. Still, big and tough looking so they look better when they fall, more of a sense of danger. Good for the bets and keeps the blood up for the final act.

Not sure how Solzak slipped off to one side and got that extra shot off, but he nearly stole my kill. Pretty much knocked the head off one of the necromancers. Think one of the others finished that one off, difficult to tell. Too much stuff flying around. Saw her try to regenerate on the way down, but that hesitation as she tried to make her elbow heal and still be able to bend the right way finished her. Dust though. I mean, it’s a bit of a shitty end, could lose the crowd.

The other one kept throwing distractions at me. Nearly got to ‘im, but a couple of the corpses got in the way before I could bury my mace in his face. Nearly took me down, but he should’ve known that Kroll is stronger than that. Thought he took me down, didn’t he? Pretty nearly put me mace through his head… through his chest. Would’ve been a good finisher. Tougher than he looked. Had to lie down for a bit after that.

That Shallaya lady has some odd ideas. Good help in a fight though, but I don’t reckon she’d survive long without that dragon. Too much talk about being nice and ‘good’… not sure how she keeps thinking that stuff and surviving. I’d raise a broy in her memory if it happened though. Gotta have some strength to keep alive with that sort of thinking.

Had some odd dream, like someone had said we had to save the necromancer. Like I was standing over him about to crush his head. Then this big beak type thing above me is calling out commandments like a sorceror king. Weirdest looking sorceror king I ever saw. Didn’t see any up close though. Anyway, he says that we have to save the necromancer. Not sure why. Might’ve been one of his? So then the necromancer raises up the half giants and we head into this seedy joint just off shadow square… heh, fun dream. Didn’t realise dwarves could be that flexible.

So I wakes up, right, and turns out someone left the necromancer alive. Silly idea. Apparently we didn’t want him any more though, so we had to kill him. Messy. Not a good crowd pleaser, but hey, had to be done. Crushed the skull, powdered the remains, burned the corpse, and then Drax went in to remove the rest of the neck. I think it was fine.

Then we go wandering on a bit, weird warm place with stuff growing. Didn’t think underground was like that. Should come down here more often to look at stuff.

Came to a couple of cracks leading on and this pool that went past to where we wanted to go. Ghostbait the guide told us to watch out ‘cause the water wasn’t water. I dropped some vines in. Turns out he does know something about this place. Good to know. So then they decided we needed to form some revolutionary committee to vote on the best way to cross the not-water without upsetting anybody. I don’t get it, we’re in a rush to beat Kalak’s boys to this place and we think we can stop for a chat? He could’ve sent more. Probably did. They’re probably in there already.
So I decided to help us all by finding out if we could remove the not-water in some way.
Turns out it burns. Now someone’s firing arrows at me. This ain’t turning out to be a nice day.

I don’t reckon the people who set up this trap gave any thought at all to how good it would look for spectators. You can’t be ducking and diving from so many places, it ruins the effect. I mean, sure, one on one it’s… ah, I’ll finish thinking about this later, I’m gonna go beat that bloody snake’s head in."

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Session 148

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